How to Copy Items Anywhere from Windows 10 File Explorer

What do you do when you need to copy any item from one location and prefers to put into another location? Well, the answer is you copy it and then traverse to the area and paste it manually. But now you have got a Copy to button in File Explorer which actually gives you the opportunity to select your preferred location where you can copy the selected item. In this article, we will show you the steps to copy items anywhere from Windows 10 File Explorer.



How to Copy Path of a File or Folder in Windows 10

A button called Copy to is available in File Explorer that copies your selected file or folder and its drop-down menu lists you many locations to select. You can even navigate to your desired location. The process of copy and paste is really time consuming and traveling to the different locations is never a favorite thing to do. So, let us now see the steps of how to copy items anywhere from Windows 10 File Explorer.

How to Copy Items Anywhere from Windows 10 File Explorer

  • Launch File Explorer on your screen. Its icon is pinned on your taskbar.
  • Make your way to the item that you want to copy and wants to put into another location.
  • Select your item and expand the Home tab. You can see Copy to button with a drop-down menu.

Copy to button after selecting any item

  • Click Copy to drop-down menu and you can see few locations. Choose the preferred one.

List of locations where the selected item can be copied

  • If it doesn’t have any then click Choose location.

Choose location option to opt preferred area

  • Select your preferred location and click Copy button.

Choose desired location and Copy button

  • Your item will get copied to the selected location.

Copy Items Anywhere from Windows 10 File Explorer

  • Its’ that easy!!!

Now, the simple task of File Explorer has been made simplest. Just one click and your item gets copied to wherever you want on the File Explorer. From anywhere you can copy your any stuff and place to anywhere. Try this out and let us know how easily you can copy and paste items in Windows 10 File Explorer.


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