How to create Custom Profiles on Android

If you like to create custom profiles on Android like you practiced in the olden times when General, Meeting, Outdoor, Silent profiles were available. SwiP – Profile Switcher is a free Android app which lets you create custom profiles. These custom profiles are the same which we used to have in our old generation feature phones. There used to profiles like General, Meeting, Outdoor, Silent etc. Using these profiles we used to switch to different volume, ringtone, and other sets of sounds pretty easily.

Today what we have in our smartphone is just turning off the volume or keeping it high. Just imagine how cool it to be if we have access to our Old Sound profiles. There is one way and it is by installing SwiP- Profile Switcher app onto your phone. This app will help you to create Custom Profiles on Android according to your wish. The switching in between two profiles is also made easy just by tapping once.

interface of swip profile switcher

You can have this app from Google Play Store. Let’s see on how to useSwiP – Profile Switcher app.

How to create Custom Profiles on Android using SwiP – Profile Switcher

Follow the below written steps and it will guide you to make new profiles, change their settings and adjust them.

  • Once you have installed this app on your device, launch the app and you will see 3 profiles by default. These are Default, Home, and Meeting which is shown in the screenshot below.create Custom Profiles on Android using Swip - Profile Switcher
  • At first, install SwiP – Profile Switcher on your Android device.
  • If you want, you can also choose to edit them, but let’s see how to create a new one. Tap on the + icon at the topmost right corner. This will open up a new window where you need to put the name of the profile. It also shows three sections along with it. They are Sound, Connectivity, and Display.
Swip_Profile Switcher, Android
  • Under each section, there are several options which can be edited as per your choice. For example, Sound section has Ringer Mode, Ringtone and Notification Volume, Media Volume, and Alarm Volume.
  • Tap on the different options available to you and make the changes you want to see in your smartphone.
  • When you are done with the changes, hit against the Tick mark present at the topmost right corner on the interface. This will be saved as your current profile,

In this way, you can create custom profiles in android without any complexity. Whenever, you want to switch between profiles, all you need to do is to launch this app and tap on the name of the profile which you want to use as of now.


When you talk to create Custom Profiles on Android, SwiP – Profile Switcher is a very nice app. It provides you different custom profiles in a very simple and easy way.

Download  SwiP – Profile Switcher

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