DoNotSpy11 Windows 11 Privacy tool and Antispy

A handy privacy utility DoNotSpy11  features, download and how to use.


DoNotSpy11 is a windows 11 privacy tool that allows you to manage “Defender”, “Office”, “Advertising”, “Edge browser”, Start, updates, Apps, and search. For the previous version, the utility was available with name DoNotSpy11. The app currently supports up to Windows 11 22H2 (22621) and is available in multiple languages.

Do not spy app Windows 11 has a lightweight and easy user interface from where you have the ability to switch languages on the fly, Quickly undo all settings, and configure them in a simple manner.

DoNotSpy11 helps you protect your privacy on Windows 10 and Windows 11

Here is how to use DoNotSpy11 –

  1. Download the tool from this link.
  2. Double click DoNotSpy11-
  3. Windows will prompt a pop up – Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk. Click on More info.
  4. Select Run anyway.
  5. Follow the online instructions and install DoNotSpy11.

DoNotSpy11 gives you the chance to manage what you want to share and what not. While several of the settings represent what you can configure using Settings and various other apps, there are also tweaks that are not easily accessible through the applications Windows provides.

DoNotSpy11 features

  1. Check update automatically
  2. Language detection depending on your Operating system language
  3. Ability to switch languages on the fly
  4. Instantly undo all settings
  5. Run Windows System Restore
  6. Disable Advertising in Windows Explorer *new*
  7. Disable and Reset Advertising ID
  8. Disable App Suggestions in Windows Ink Workspace *new*
  9. Disable Bluetooth Advertising
  10. Disable Start Menu App Suggestions
  11. Disable Access to Account Info
  12. Disable Access to Calendar
  13. Disable Access to Call History
  14. Disable Access to Camera
  15. Disable Access to Contacts *new*
  16. Disable Access to Diagnostic Data *new*
  17. Disable Access to Email *new*
  18. Disable Access to Language List
  19. Disable Access to Location Info
  20. Disable Access to Messaging
  21. Disable Access to Microphone
  22. Disable Access to Notifications *new*
  23. Disable Access to Radios
  24. Disable Access to Tasks *new*
  25. Disable App Notifications
  26. Disable Application Telemetry
  27. Disable Background Applications *new*
  28. Disable Silent Installed Apps
  29. Disable Sync With Devices
  30. Disable Auto Map Download
  31. Disable Biometrics
  32. Disable Enabling Lock Screen Camera
  33. Disable Experimentation
  34. Disable Facts, Tips, Ticks and More on your Lock Screen
  35. Disable Handwriting Data Sharing
  36. Disable Handwriting Error Reporting
  37. Disable Inventory Collector
  38. Disable KMS Client Online Validation
  39. Disable Location *updated*
  40. Disable OneDrive
  41. Disable Password Reveal Button
  42. Disable Retrieving Device Metadata
  43. Disable Sending Writing Info
  44. Disable Sensors
  45. Disable Setting Sync
  46. Disable SmartScreen-Filter for URLs
  47. Disable Steps Recorder
  48. Disable Tailored Experience using Diagnostic Data *new*
  49. Disable Telemetry
  50. Disable Tips about Windows
  51. Disable WiFi Sense
  52. Disable Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program
  53. Disable Windows Feedback Requests
  54. Disable Windows Media DRM Internet Access
  55. Disable Windows welcome experience
  56. Show Detailed Data Usage *new*
  57. Disable and Reset Cortana
  58. Disable Getting to know me *updated*
  59. Disable Web Search
  60. Do Not Show Recently Opened Applications *new*
  61. Do Not Show Recently Opened Files *new*
  62. Defer Windows Upgrades
  63. Disable Automatic Driver Update
  64. Disable Automatic Windows Store Updates
  65. Disable Automatic Windows Updates
  66. Disable Malicious Software Removal Tool via Windows Update
  67. Disable Windows Update for Other Products
  68. Disable Windows Update Sharing

That’s all!!

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