Download Facebook Messenger for Firefox 17

As you know Mozilla Firefox is globally acclaimed web browser. It has handful built-in applications to provide nice web browsing experience to users. The thing missing since a long time was Facebook Messaging service for Mozilla Firefox users. The long awaited demand has been executed after induction of Facebook Messenger for Firefox. Now you may switch to Firefox Facebook Messenger and interact with your Facebook friends while browsing plenty of web pages.

Indeed, newly messaging service paves the way to always be connected with Facebook friends while indulging in significant business. Now you can chat with your Facebook friends without accessing Facebook page in new tab or window. Whenever you turn on Facebook Messenger for Firefox you will be able to find out each and every update, tagged photos, comments etc instantly in sidebar of Firefox browser. Undoubtedly, It is a nice way to connect with Facebook friends while browsing other web pages through Mozilla Firefox. Right now, I am at the edge of pointing out way of activating Facebook Messenger service for Firefox. If you are die hard follower of Facebook & Firefox and looking for such arrangements then messaging service application will be boon. Just follow the rest of the article and know the practical way of activating Facebook Messenger for Firefox.

Before activating Facebook Messenger, you must be assured about whether you want to use latest version Firefox or not. Because particular application only works with Firefox 17.  If you have switched to the latest version of Mozilla Firefox then follow below link to activate  Facebook Messaging Service for Firefox.

Download Facebook Messenger for Firefox 17

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