Google Play Private Channel: Way to distribute Android Apps

As you know Google Play Store is a place where you can find Android Apps like Google Drive, Google + and plenty of others. Now, Google is extending service of Google Play Store to reach out esteemed customers. To materialize expansion of Google Play Store arrangement of Google Play Private Channel comes in existence. The Google Play Private Channel helps you to distribute internal apps to near one. The Google Play Private Channel is designed to suit your organizational setup.

Suppose you have developed a conference room finder or customer expense reporting app for employees and wanting to distribute these apps to targeted persons. In such instance Google Play Private Channel provides efficient helps. Once developer has loaded useful internal apps by help of Google Play Developer Console, users needed to log in with their company email address to navigate Private Channel subsequently download necessary Android apps. Now, I am showing way how to create own Google Play Private Channel.

  • Sign in to your Control panel and access Organization & Users < Services.¬†
  • Turn on Google Play Developer Console. It helps users in your organization to access Internal Private Channel publish application.¬†
  • Then after access Settings < Mobile opt in to feature and manage access to private channel by an organization unit to have rough control over who to access.
Note: To allow access and download application for specific group in Private Channel, Administrators require to Turn on ‘Allow users to access Google Play Private Channel’.

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