Fix: Error Status 0xc00012f in Windows 10 Bad image

Windows 10 users experience Error Status 0xc00012f Windows 10 often on their computers. This type of error is really bothersome and annoying because when you try to dismiss it by pressing OK, it appears again. Generally, the problem happens when you attempt to check for updates, it starts to download and later on installed automatically instead of being a defective one. As a result, when you try to open an EXE file from the disk drive, a popup arises showing an error message repeatedly. Finally, this issue ends up corrupting the files or programs you were trying to run.

Error Status 0xc00012f windows 10 is actually a hexadecimal error which is an inherent description of the Bad Image problem. Experts tried to find out the reason behind this notorious error as well as the way to resolve this over the years. The root cause of this error may vary from computer to computer. Some of the causes are:

a) Misconfiguration in the system settings
b) Corrupted entries in registry
c) Obsessive startup programs
d) Fragmented files
e) Deletion of critical program files
f) Infection caused by malicious invaders.

Not only these six but also some similar reasons can cause the Error Status 0xc00012f Windows 10. Users started complaining about this issue from the era of Windows 7 but didn’t have a perfect solution. Moreover, the users of Windows 8 had the same problem too. Recently tech masters have come up with the solution of Error Status 0xc00012f windows 10 which is probably the most feasible one. We will bring the solution to right now in the description below.

Error Status 0xc00012f Windows 10 Bad image

It is very much nagging and repellent for a user to receive such type of error message time and again. Additionally, it becomes terribly intolerable when you can’t open your desired programs from your computer normally. Probably the worries are over now. We will be discussing the solution right now which will stop the server from sending this annoying error message again.

We will resolve the Error Status 0xc00012f bad image flaw using following tools:

1) Settings
2) Windows 10 command prompt,
3) Windows 10 Automatic Repair.

For the ease of access and in order to make the process smooth as well as easy, we will divide the procedures into several steps. Let’s move on to the ways to resolve Error Status 0xc00012f windows 10 with no delay.

Part – 1: Uninstall the Culprit Program

If you got this accident after installing a certain 3rd party program or software uninstall them.

Step-1: First of all, right click on Start and select Run option. Type appwiz.cpl in the Run dialog box in the available space and press Enter.

Step-2: Perform a double-click on the program that is responsible for Error Status 0xc00012f and selects the option Uninstall.

Error Status 0xc00012f windows 10 Bad image pic 1

Navigate to the respective website for downloading freshly if the program is essential for you.

Part – 2: Run SFC or Scannow

Step 1 – To open the Elevated Command Prompt commence by clicking on the Cortana icon the taskbar.  Windows key. Type cmd in the box and right click on the result. Select Run as administrator from the list.

Step 2 – On the user account prompt select OK and allow the console to open. Once the black window appears, type SFC /SCANNOW and press Enter.

Error Status 0xc00012f windows 10 Bad image pic 2

It will run a system check for all corrupted files and programs in the computer and based on the result, it will repair the errors automatically. It may take some time so sit tight and wait. When the process is finished, restart the computer.

Part – 3: Uninstall the update causing 0xc00012f Error

A Microsoft professional revealed that Error Status 0xc00012f windows 10 can often be caused KB2879017 update. Therefore, if you have installed it wrong, we recommend you to uninstall it with no delay. For uninstalling,

Step-1: Launch the Settings program on the computer. You can get access to it by hitting Windows+I shortcut keys combination.

Step-2: Choose the Update & Security block on the application. On the Settings screen, click on the option View installed updates History from the right.

Error Status 0xc00012f windows 10 Bad image pic 3

Step-3: Moving further choose Uninstalled updates on the next page.

Error Status 0xc00012f windows 10 Bad image pic 4

You will be taken to the Installed updates, right click on the update you have recently received. Select Uninstall.

Error Status 0xc00012f windows 10 Bad image pic 5

We recommend you to restart your computer after uninstalling to start it afresh.

Here we make you remember that few users say that uninstalling Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 has solved this problem on their computers. Hence, uninstall this feature using this wizard and ensure whether Error Status 0xc00012f in Windows 10 Bad image no longer exists.

Part – 4: Use System Restore

Sometimes you may face difficulties in uninstalling the Windows updates due to some unknown errors. In that case, you can use a system restore point to fix the error to avoid getting mishappenings. But before proceeding, you need to ensure that you have created a Restore Point by this time. To do so,

Step-1: Click on the Windows Key and type Create a Restore point in the start search and Enter. Select the option System Restore on the System properties window. Choose Next on the wizard and select a previous dated convenient restore point

Error Status 0xc00012f windows 10 Bad image pic 6

Step-4: Follow the onscreen instructions, lastly click on Finish in order to finish the process and restart your PC.

Part – 5: Run an Automatic Repair

Step-1: Launch the Bootable installation media and boot the Windows from here. Proceeding forward, click on the option Repair your Computer.

Step-2: From the list, click on the option Troubleshoot. Go to Advanced options and select Automatic Repair.

Step-3: This repair will consume time so be patient and wait for the repair to be finished successfully. Restart your computer when the repair is finished.

Thus the most annoying Error Status 0xc00012f Windows 10 bad image is expected to be fixed by this time. Cheer up.

Part – 6: Check if pending Windows update

Many times, fresh Windows update fixes whatever the issues you are presently encountering. So follow part – 3 to reach Update & security screen and click on Check for updates.

Finally, you can take help from software to resolve this issue. Since abundant of the applications advised by Google is not secure, hence you should use EaseUS Todo Backup Free – for backup of disk/partition, operating system, files, etc. This software will also help you in troubleshooting of any error in Windows 10, system collapse, unpredictable messes, and reduce the risk of losing data as well. This software is very popular among the users and no skill is required to use this one.


So these are the simple and promising methods to fix Error Status 0xc00012f Windows 10. Read the steps properly and use these in proper places. This will hopefully relieve you from the troublesome bad image error.

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