How to Extract Compressed Files in Windows 10

You come across many compressed files in your computer whose data you want to extract for further use. But before you proceed with the extraction process, you need to find out the type of compressed file. In this article, we will guide you to extract compressed files in Windows 10.

Most of the compressed files running in Windows 10 are .RAR, .ZIP, .TZ, .WAR and many more. All the archive formats are not supported by all types of operating systems. After you get to know your archive format you can proceed to extract them. All the above-mentioned formats are compatible with certain programs and those programs can extract you the data from the related compressed files. So, let us begin and see how to extract compressed files in Windows 10.


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How to Extract Compressed Files in Windows 10

For .zip Files

You can extract its data manually from Windows. No outside software is required for these files. Read the steps below and find out how it is done in Windows 10 computers.

  • Take yourself to the location where your zipped folder is saved.
  • Execute a right-click on it and click Extract All.
Extract Compressed Files in Windows 10
  • Alternatively, simply select the zipped folder and you can see a Compressed Folder Tool in the ribbon bar above with an Extract All button.
Extract All button in the ribbon bar
  • In both cases you will be asked to choose a destination where the extracted data will be saved. Click Browse button and choose your desired location.
Browse button to choose location
  • Click Extract button after you select your location.
Extract button extracts the data of the chosen zipped file
  • You will be taken to the set location and all the extracted data are saved in the opted location.
Extracted data of a zipped file
  • And you are done!

For other Compressed Files Formats

To extract data from compressed files .rar, .tz, .war and others you need to take the help of outside software. WinRar is the most reliable and supports various types of archive file formats. Download the software from its own web page,


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Alternatively, For one who does not want to download or use third party software on his Windows 10 PC, a few apps work great and he can download these from Windows Store.

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The extraction process entirely depends on the type of archive you have. You can extract compressed files within Windows 10 using inbuilt tool when it consists of .zip format but when comes to .RAR, .ZIP, .TZ, .WAR or others, these need an outside tool like WinRar to extract the data. Give it a shot and let us know your views.

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