Features that will make Smartphone camera the best

Since the advent of smartphones, taking photographs have become much easier. The features got better and the image quality improved. But, there are still some of the features which need to appear in these smartphones to make it a functional camera so that we do not turn back to our digicams to get better pics. Here is a compilation:

• Flash must become better: There have appeared several phones in the market with good flashes, but could not impress us much. This is the most important feature which should be focused upon. I am amazed to see that still people use their phones in the absence of this feature. The indoor photos seem like fantasy story pages with red eyed people and hazy backgrounds. Attach a flash cube if you really love smartphone camera.

• Manual adjustments: The Smartphone cameras do not use lens which can be manually operated. The Nokia pureview worked out with some of the manual adjustments, but these did not work. It is still no comparison to the photographs taken by cameras with adjustable lens.

• Zoom: Do not take me otherwise. I know that every smartphone camera has zooming feature. But I am talking about the lens that moves in and out to change the focal length. Nokia pureview was made with this feature but it was unimpressive with some features. And zooming for a better click is the reason why people still have a lust for the digicams.

• Saving RAW files: The images which are stored in the RAW format instead of the JPG format are much more informative. When editing such photo, it is very easy to alter all the features in the image without lessening its quality. The images are much richer. Such an important feature is absent in the Smartphone cameras.

• GIF maker Automatic: If I am watching a video and like a particular screen shot, I can take the image of it in the GIF format to be viewed afterwards. But, I am not talking about this feature in the smartphone camera. There are some dedicated apps for this feature, but this feature should be integrated to make it a standard one

.• Sensor size should increase: The most important determining factor to get the best of the images is the sensor size which is very tiny in the smartphone camera. It is very true that no phone can be made with a full sized sensor or at least a micro sensor, but this feature can still be improved in a big way.

• Restriction of the vertical video recording: This is the feature on which the Smartphone cameras should be worked upon. If this feature is improved then no one will carry a digicam.

It can be easily concluded that a smartphone is always carried by everyone everywhere and it is very handy. So taking photographs with it would be much easier than carrying a digital camera. And if the above improvements are made, no one would carry a camera. Hope, this article was helpful. Comment by signing in.

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