Fresh Windows Phone 8 / 10 App Features and download link

Microsoft has released fresh version of Windows Phone 8 in conjunction with Windows 8 OS full edition on 26 October 2012. An updated app for Windows Phone 8 inside the Windows 8 store page has been found. Actually windows 8 phone is connected through Zune Software with computer or laptop installed Windows version. According to Microsoft, Fresh Windows Phone 8 app is alternate option to exchange songs, videos and images from Windows version.

The windows phone 8 app is helpful to sync your devices with windows version because it has been presented for desktop support additionally.

windows phone 8 app screen

Features of windows phone 8 app  –

  • It is easy to exchange your songs, images and videos from your windows phone 8 to computer or laptop.
  • You can speedily share your windows 8 phone stored images or videos or other articles among the Windows 8 OS placed default apps.
  • It stores images and videos sync automatically while you establish sync among windows phone 8 and your laptop or desktop.
  • You can examine like how much disk space for every type of content has been used.
  • You can visit openly the official websites of Windows Phone to download fresh apps, know details about windows phone 8 or how to track while you lost it.
windows phone 8 app interface

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