Galaxy Nexus I9250 How to update to Cataclysm Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean custom firmware

Cataclysm Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean custom ROM has been presented to install on Galaxy Nexus I9250. It comes with amazing features including with Smart3G, InCall Blocker and Quick Toggle. As you know that custom ROM adds value and includes modern features to particular Android devices. Since, Cataclysm Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean custom ROM updates are available then it would be a smart move to install on Galaxy Nexus I9250. You can easily update your Galaxy Nexus I9250 with Cataclysm Android Jelly Bean after following remaining article.

However, it is confirmed that Cataclysm Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean ROM has not been developed by Google or Samsung. But its inclusive features do wonder and brings modernity to Galaxy Nexus I9250 that’s main cause to install Cataclysm Android Jelly Bean custom ROM. Like other custom ROM installation, users are required ClockworkMod recovery to install ROM zip on your Galaxy Nexus I9250. Before installing ROM zip, users have to take mandatory steps that shown below:

  • Users need to install Galaxy Nexus USB Drivers on your PC. Installed USB drivers help to connect both Galaxy Nexus and PC quite effectively then transfer flash files. You may install Galaxy Nexus USB drivers through appropriate link:

Download Galaxy Nexus USB Drivers 
Download Every Single USB Drivers 

  • Once connectivity issue prevents to transfer files then you need to check and activate USB Debugging functions on Galaxy Nexus I9250. When you successfully activate USB Debugging on Galaxy Nexus I9250 then problematic issue will be resolved. Enabled USB debugging helps to make a strong connection between both devices to perform file transfer activity.
  •  Store Galaxy Nexus data such as Apps, Call History, WhatsApp Messages, SMS, and Contacts at other storage location than an internal memory of such device. It should be done on priority basic to protect important data from suddenly lost consequences.
  • Make sure that Galaxy Nexus has remained 80-85% battery level to support custom ROM installation process. It is needless to say that lower battery doesn’t support updating exercise and make such device almost dead.

On confirming that above steps have been well taken then you may move to update Galaxy Nexus to Cataclysm Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean custom ROM. Now follow the rest of the tutorial to find the ways to install Cataclysm Android Jelly Bean custom ROM on Galaxy Nexus.

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How to update Galaxy Nexus I9250 to Cataclysm Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean custom Firmware:

Step 1

The process to install custom ROM to Galaxy Nexus begins after installing Cataclysm Android 4.2.2 ROM on your PC.

Download Cataclysm Android 4.2.2 ROM

Step 2

Now connect Galaxy Nexus and PC through USB cable.

Step 3

After then copy ‘Android 4.2.2 ROM’ zip file that downloaded to PC and paste the same to Galaxy Nexus memory card. Just ensure that pasted file should be kept in SD card root.

Step 4

In further move, you need to switch off Galaxy Nexus and remove USB cable.

Step 5

Just after that users need to boot Galaxy Nexus into Bootloader Mode. For this, they have to press and hold Volume Up + Volume Down and Power Button on switching Galaxy Nexus on.

Step 6

When device runs in Bootloader mode, you have to follow and navigate screen instructions then after select BOOTLOADER and Recovery option as well.

Step 7

Above act leads you to ClockworkMod Recover screen. Now select ‘wipe data / factory reset’ option to wipe existing data. You may use Power Button of Galaxy Nexus to select anything.

Step 8

After then choose ‘wipe cache partition’ option to perform cache wipe activity.

Step 9

In next move, users have to choose ‘wipe dalvik cache’ through accessing option like Advanced followed by ‘wipe dalvik cache’.

Step 10

Now come back at start screen of ClockworkMod Recovery and select ‘install zip from SD card’ option, using Power Button to select it.

Step 11

Again press Power Button to ‘choose zip from sdcard’. Now user are needed to navigate ‘Android 4.2.2 ROM’ zip that earlier copied to Galaxy Nexus memory card. You may navigate such zip files by pressing Volume Keys of Galaxy Nexus. Now select earlier navigated Android 4.2.2 ROM to install in your device. Just after that permission is asked to install custom ROM to your Galaxy nexus. Once permission is allowed, custom ROM installation begins.

Step 12

After successful completion of custom ROM installation exercise, users have to go ‘+++++Go Back+++++’ and restart Galaxy Nexus I9250. ClockworkMod recovery has ‘reboot system now’ option to restart particular device.

If you want to verify that custom ROM is installed on not then click to ‘Settings’ followed by ‘About’ of your Galaxy Nexus to confirm installed firmware version.

Caution: Tricks shown above should not be applied to update other devices than Galaxy Nexus I9250. If someone moves to update other Android devices through above shown process, the move makes device fully nonfunctional. So, never try above process to updates other variants than Galaxy nexus I9250.

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