Galaxy W I8150 How to update to Android 4.2.1 RootBox Jelly Bean Custom ROM

Android 4.2.1 RootBox custom ROM has been presented, a couple days ago, to install Galaxy W I8150device. It is an unbranded custom ROM that brings Jelly Bean updates on Galaxy W I8150. However, RootBox custom ROM states at initial stage, but it offers plenty to make device more secure to function in whichever conditions. The RootBox is rated as one the advanced custom ROM that is nearly to stock Firmware. Whether you have Galaxy W I8150 and wanting to update with Alpha build ‘RootBox Android 4.2.1’ custom ROM then step up with our ideas which is being kept in the remaining article.

It should be noted that RootBox Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean is neither presented by Samsung or Google. It is AOSP based custom ROM. In order to install RootBox Android 4.2.1 custom ROM, you require custom recovery like ClockworkMod to install on Galaxy W I8150. Before installing custom ROM updates to Galaxy W I8150, users have to ensure about following measures:

  • Download and install Galaxy W I8150 USB Drivers on your PC. The particular move helps to connect both Galaxy W I8150 and PC to easily transfer flash files. If you have not installed USB drivers of Galaxy W I8150 then choose appropriate link to install:

Download Galaxy W I8150 USB Drivers

Install All USB Drivers

  • When non connectivity between PC and Galaxy W I8150 remains an issue to concern then users need to activate USB Debugging Mode at particular Android Device. Once you activate USB debugging on Galaxy W I8150 then non connectivity will be no longer issue.
  • Check how much battery power Galaxy W I8150 has. If device has 80-85% battery level then it will function smoothly around installing custom ROM updates. On other hand, the Galaxy device to be updated has the lesser battery does not support whole updating exercise and makes that device dead.
  • Keep Galaxy W I8150 important data at other storage location to restore later on. It is seen that all earlier Galaxy W I8150 data wiped up during installing custom ROM. So, it should be prime concern to get data Backup bit earlier to install custom ROM updates.

When above mentioned measures are taken then you may step up to install custom ROM updates on Galaxy W I8150. Just follow below mentioned instructions and update your Galaxy W I8150 to Android 4.2.1 RootBox Jelly Bean custom ROM.


How to install RootBox Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean on Samsung Galaxy W I8150:

Step 1 

At the outset, you are required to install RootBox Android 4.2.1 ROM followed by Google Apps to your PC.

Download RootBox Android 4.2.1 ROM

Download Google Apps

Step 2

Then connect Galaxy W I8150 to PC through USB cable and browse phone memory as well.

Step 3

After then you move to copy earlier downloaded zip files such as RootBox Android 4.2.1 ROM and Google Apps then paste the same to Galaxy W I8150 SD / memory card. Confirm that both pasted zip files are kept in root folder of memory card.

Step 4

In further step, you need to switch off Galaxy W I8150 and remove USB cable as well.

Step 5

After then, you have to boot Galaxy W I8150 into Recovery mode. The device can be turned into Recovery Mode while you press and hold volume up + Home + power buttons altogether at beginning of turning on Galaxy W I8150.

Step 6

As device turns into ClockworkMod (CWM) recovery mode then users need to choose wipe data/factory reset option. By pressing Power button of Galaxy W I8150 it can be done.

Step 7

After then, users have to go with wipe cache partition option to clean all stored previous cache in existing ROM.

Step 8

Now users need to choose wipe dalvik cache to perform the cache clean act. You can access ‘wipe dalvik cache’ option from CWM recovery main screen then choose advanced followed by wipe dalvik cache option.

Step 9

Just after that users have to back into recovery screen then select ‘install zip from SD card’.

Step 10

Now press Power Button to ‘choose zip from sdcard’. Then navigate ‘Android 4.2.1 RootBox ROM’ zip files that earlier moved to Galaxy W I8150 SD card. After navigating Android 4.2.1 ROM zip, users are required to select that ROM zip by pressing Power Button of Galaxy W I8150. Now device asks your consent to install navigated Android 4.2.1 ROM to Galaxy W I8150. Once you confirm to install, process to install RootBox 4.2.1 custom ROM begins. Note: Repeat the step shown in Step 10 to install Google apps to your Galaxy W I8150.

Step 11

When process gets completed then you have to access ‘+++++Go Back+++++’ and restart Galaxy W I8150 by selecting ‘reboot system now’. Such restart button appears in ClockworkMod Recovery window. The device takes about 5 minutes to boot with latest custom ROM features.

Caution: Instructions shown above should be applied to updates Galaxy W I8150 to Android 4.2.1 RootBox Jelly Bean Custom ROM. You all are prevented to update other Android alternate with RootBox Jelly Bean custom ROM.

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