Mouse lock app to Know who is Spying you in your PC

We live in a world where the safety of your digital information is at permanent risk. In order to help you to track whom who tries to access your computer in your absence, the Turkey based website has come up with an interesting web app.

This app does a very simple task for notifying you through e-mail as soon as your computer is accessed. If you have a webcam, this app also sends you a picture of the intruder. Let’s see how MouseLock,co-works.

Once you are on, sign in with your Google account and then choose a secret pin on the screen. When you are about to leave your computer switched on while you go out for a short break, keep the mouse cursor over a specific point on the screen and leave it at that.

Now if someone accesses the computer in your absence he will certainly use the mouse to move the cursor. Once one does it, he will be asked the secret pin. If he fails to provide it then MouseLock will send an e-mail notification to your id and snap a picture of the intruder. Know that the intruder can still search your machine but at least you would know that who was spying you.

The site uses jQuery and getUserMedia()API to detect mouse movement and webcam. These are only supported in Google chrome and Firefox. The best part of this app is that it does not require installation but can be used over the internet.

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