How to Get Back “Confirm Uninstall Prompt” in Windows 10

Confirm Uninstall Prompt comes up on the PC screen every time you try to uninstall any application. But in case, you have disabled this feature, Windows never shows this dialog again. In addition, the OS does not provide any other direct way using which you can restore this prompt. So, if you prefer to get back this confirmation prompt to appear again, then there is a workaround for it. Also, see a similar tutorial to Turn On/Off Display Delete Confirmation Dialog in Windows 10.


Many times, for various reasons, you feel the need to uninstall a downloaded software. As you move ahead with the uninstallation process in Control Panel, Windows pops-up a dialog box. It asks if you prefer to proceed with the removal of the program and gives you two options, Yes/No. Moreover, the dialog also includes an option that reads In the future, do not show me this dialog box which stores your choice for future use. So, knowingly or unknowingly if you check this box then never will you see a Confirm Uninstall Prompt during uninstalling any software in future.

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If you are a beginner, you may like to read How to Completely Uninstall Software From Window 10.

Stick to the tutorial to see the workaround that can get back the prompt.

How to Restore the Uninstalled Confirmation Prompt Box in Windows 10

Step 1 – Launch Registry Editor by typing regedit on Cortana text field to restore Confirm Uninstall Prompt in Windows 10. OS. When you notice the same regedit on top, select it.

Step 2 – If the UAC seeks permission then click on the Yes button.

Step 3 – After you open the Registry Editor follow the given path –

HKEY_CURRENT_USER => Software => Microsoft => Windows => CurrentVersion => Explorer => DontShowMeThisDialogAgain

Step 4 – Now move on to the right pane of the screen and read for the string value {948e51fb-0a48-44f0-86ac-33c36def540c} and double-click on it.

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Step 5 – Change its Value data from No to YES. Now, give a shot and remove any program, you are likely to encounter Confirm Uninstall Prompt.

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While dealing with Registry, you can also follow How to Uninstall a Software With Registry Editor in Windows 10.

Winding Up

What usually happens is that you disable the confirmation prompt in Windows 10 without knowing about it. So, all you need is a small registry tweak. If you have ways or tips to share about this confirmation prompt, do write to us.


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