How to get Reminders about Starred mails in Gmail

Gmail is probably the most used mail service in the world. One of the many features that attracts people to Gmail is it’s feature of starring important mails that you may not tend to immediately, but the star on the mail reminds you that these mails require replies. The only problem with such a feature is that, you may end up starring many mails and then you just forget the importance of these mails amongst the many starred mails. Thus, this feature does not serves it’s purpose if it is over-used. There is a way of getting over this problem.

You can create a mail newsletter that arrives everyday and contains a list of 10 randomly picked messages that are starred in your Gmail Inbox.

This email newsletter acts as a reminder to us that certain emails have been starred and they need to be replied. You can then set your priority in the mail list and then reply to the important mails first. Setting up this newsletter is very easy and simple.

(i) Copy this Google Sheet to your Google drive.

(ii) Open the sheet and a new Gmail option appear in the menu bar. Choose the option Initialize and grant access.

(iii) Now choose Gmail and then go to Install. This activates the script and you will regularly receive newsletter that notifies you of the non-replied mails.

When you have answered all the starred mails, you can go disable the newsletter by opening Google sheets and choosing uninstall from the Gmail menu.

You can alter the number of starred messages in the list or receiving reminders of another labels by changing contents in the cell D5 and D7 in the sheet.

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