Mailbox app for iPhone to fix Gmail problems

Mailbox app for iphone
A new application named ‘Mailbox’ has been released by Gmail to fix concurrent problems. The Mailbox app is developed to integrate with either Gmail account to inform about both read and unread messages, which has fallen into Inbox. Pushing this app ahead is an attempt to get existing inbox down to lowest level. The application proves its worth to provide other inclusive information.

The ‘Mailbox’ app is available for iPhone devices. It lets users to swipe away relatively important emails. Users may fix a selected date or time to return such messages to make him aware. Mailbox app has similar Archive feature to store important messages or other contents. One can easily delete useless emails and reply for important one, using Mailbox app on iPhone devices.  Emails falling in Folder or Filter can’t be seen, while using Mailbox app on iPhone. The app shows only those contents that have fallen in Inbox.

With immediate effect ‘Mailbox’ app has been released for iPhone devices. The information came from certain quarter reveals that millions of people are waiting to get Mailbox app to iPhone device. Certainly, it is going to grand success for Gmail to attract more and more users worldwide to use Mailbox application. Sooner or later particular ‘Mailbox’ app will be available for other alternatives.

Download and install mailbox app for  iPhone

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