How to Remove someone from Circle in Google Plus

Google Plus is a very popular social networking site. It so happens sometimes that a new user on Google Plus might find some very basic procedures as, removing someone from their friend circle, a very difficult task. Hence, this article focuses on how you could remove someone from your friend circle on Google Plus.

(i) There is an option called ‘Find People’ on the left of your Google Plus page. Click on it.

(ii) Type the name of the person you wish to remove, in the search bar.

(iii) As you bring the cursor over the profile picture of the person, you will notice that there is a small cross like X at the top right hand corner. Click on this cross to delete that person from your circle.

It might also happen that you want to remove a person only from a certain specific circle. Then you need to follow the given procedure:-

(i) Select that particular circle to which your friend belongs. All your circles are displayed at the bottom of your profile page.

(ii) Once you have selected the particular circle bring the cursor over the friend you wish to delete. Click on X cross that is displayed on the top right hand corner of the profile photo of your friend. This will delete him from that circle.

Apart from that you also have the option to block someone on Google+ which not only removes them completely from all your circles but also greatly limits the ways they can further contact you on Google Plus.

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