Google Earth Pro 7.1 – Better ways to measure Site Views and Edit Maps

Google has announced just now to launch Google Earth Pro 7.1. Google Earth Pro 7.1 is the next generation of Google Earth and has many additional features.

Google Pro 7.1 assists to analyze as well as visualize 3 dimensional map data and imagery. One can decide smartly about his site without going there with its help. For example, a company can measure an area and slope with the help of Advance measurement tools of Google Pro 7.1 even in his absence.

Features of Google Earth Pro 7.1

1. Anyone who uses Google Earth Pro can Scale, add titles as well as create a legend on a map. He can take a printout of that one as an image. You may hold Environmental survey of that very place you want and use map making tools that will assist you to highlight changes you can make by adding a legend.

2. Without going to the site you can identify and measure distance from a certain point or place. As an example, A construction company might put to use a viewshed tool to see it from a structure or window.

google earth pro 7.2

All these things will be done from your PC. You are not needed to go to your site for viewing. Google Earth Pro 7.1 is premium, and its price is $399. But, for these 24 hours ie. up to 9.00 PM on 23 April 2013 it will be $199 only.

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