Google Glass Use in Education, Law Enforcement, Healthcare

People might not think that in short span of time Google Glass will be so popular as well as helpful for individuals when it was announced for the first time. You can use Google Glass (you can also say Smart Glass, so you may not confuse) in different ways for different purposes like capturing photos, watching videos, making calls, messaging, SMS and to open doors etc. Now we are presenting here about Google Glass that how it would help in the field of Education, Law Enforcement, Healthcare which are awesome uses of this device. Google Glass would get more publicity by using it for the mentioned purposes.

Google Glass Use in Education, Law Enforcement, Healthcare

1. Education

Google Glass can be used as a teaching tool as well in the classroom. Teachers can monitor movements of eyes of each student. For example, If a student is not paying attention in the classroom, teacher could inform them with internal software of Glass. This type of application would not be easy to implement because some limitations has been found in current Google glass. But don’t worry, this could come later when the technology advances even further.

Now, Let us go with more examples that the Google Glass applied in the classroom:

  • As a language learning tool: Languages become more easy when you are using a translation app with Glass. It also helps to you for talking with Foreigner when both of you are wearing this device with enable voice recognition.
  •  As a quick fact-checking tool: Students could easily and immediately check out the source and fact of a term or link when they concentrate on a piece of work. App will make this process very easier.
  • Capture clips of a class session: The best use of this device is to capture a video of class session to upload it wherever you want and share with your friends.

By using this app, you would bring your classroom into the 21st century for sure.

2. Law Enforcement

Google Glass will also be helpful for Administration of a country. By using this device, the Police could easily protect public and society from bad elements. Let’s discuss Google Glass use in Law Enforcement.

Criminal recognition: Police could easily identify criminals using facial recognition against an ID database after developing this type of apps for this purpose.

Collection of evidence: It will also help them for the collection of evidences seeing through glass which will lead  to collect prosecution proof.

Speed detection: The police officials could also use this device to detect the speed of vehicles running on the road.

3. Healthcare

The most exciting use of Google Glass is to save the people lives. In Healthcare sector it can be a boon for patients. Let’s see some useful contribution of Google Glass in Medical field:

Matching the medication to the patient: Nurses could use Google glass instead of reading bar codes to find the the proper patient for the IV bags in their hands because it automatically shows which patient needs to use that IV. It can be done through a QR code which is a little easier than bar code or Optical Character Recognition (OCR). WiFi of this device helps the nurses to aid the right patient.

Handling emergencies with quick access to information: An emergency physician is easily able to watch all patient related update including vital signs and lab results only after taping simply on the screen of Google Glass.

Just throw away that dumb pager and Use Google glass: The pager is a device which was specially invented in 1980 for the hospital staff use. But it is really not used by any hospitals today almost. In Paging, a doctor have to dial of numbers. Google Glass can be used more conveniently than a pager. Only you have to type message and click on Send, message will appear on both the doctor’s smartphone and glasses.

The surgeons could see the cancerous cells during the operation of an individual. To get more information about the cancerous cells.

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