Google is Moving towards Asia and India

Our day on the internet starts with a search on the Google home page. This highlights the importance of the search engine in our web activity. Aiming at providing a better service, Google has now brought into operation it’s new Asian data centers that promise to make the Google search engine and all associated utilities and sites as Gmail, YouTube, Google+, Orkut to run faster.

The earlier data centers of Google were located outside Asia which made Google and it’s services run slower in the continent of Asia. But with the huge expansion of market in Asia and India, Google thought it wise to open data center services in Asia to provide a better service to the Asian and Indian customers.

The data center facility has been built in Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The Singapore and Taiwan facilities are expected to start working soon and Hong kong is to follow later. Though Google has refused to set a deadline for commencement of services. The new data centers will benefit the Android users largely and also iPhone and Blackberry users that use the services of Google. Applications as Gtalk, Google+ and Google maps will run and respond faster. Experts predict a 30% increase in the response speed of these websites due to the new data centers.

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