Google shows Glimpses of Data Centers

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Since existence, Google has set it priority right to keep Privacy and Security measures on high of scale. Effort of Google yielded high dividend in terms of Data Security as well Privacy of particular identity. While Google has shared lots of designs and best practices throughout well equipped data center. Now and then everyone has been curios about glimpse of Google Data Center.  Very few people bare from small set of employees have access inside Google’s Data Centers.


google green data center


On 17th October 2012, Google has published still of Inside of Data Centers. Image of Google’s Data Centers shows the location of Server Floor in Councils Bluffs and beautiful outlook of North Carolina Data Center.  You may see Google’s Data Centers and pay them a virtual visit on more conveniently at Google official blog. In still of Google Data Centers you will get a never seen look at technology, the people, and place that keep Google running. You can explore North Carolina Data Center at your own place in street view. The Inside Google’s Data Centers view has displayed modern technology which has been bearing since 14 long years.

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