Gym Guide Windows 8 App – Body Building Tips with Video Tutorials

Gym Guide is a Windows 8 app that has been a new entrant in the section of physical fitness with Body Building Tips along with video tutorials. For long now there have not been many such apps that have surfaced. This app enables the user to get a procedural way to perform body building exercise to keep them fit. It is more like a catalogue with video feature added in it that makes it different. Gym Guide app comes for free and only a minimal amount of memory is occupied by it. The app is unique in the sense that nothing like it has even been famous in the app market.

Talking about the interface the first-hand experience would give you a feel of literally reading a book on gym exercise but there is more to it. The interface is pretty simple and user-friendly. There are subtle controls that are intuitive when you look at them. The app is available in the Windows Store and you can get it downloaded from there. After installing the app you will see an icon on the home screen of your device. When you launch it the main interface of the app opens up. A screenshot of the same is shown below.

gym guide windows 8 app

How To Use Gym Guide App

As you see in the above main menu there is an overall pictorial representation of the terms associated with the body. The next interface has got information on each of the exercises that you can perform to workout in the gym. For all the parts that are mentioned in the main menu, there is a specific list of all the work out exercises with literal description. An example of the fore arm exercise is shown below to give you an idea.

gym guide windows 8 app

In the above screenshot, you can see a long list of the exercises that can be performed to work on the particular body part. The procedure to do them is also described on the right-hand side. There are videos that are available for these exercises that you can play to see how they are really done. All the resources have been taken from They are arranged in a manner to make your search task easier and providing you with the best of the available options. In the list, you just have to click on the particular exercise and after that, you can see about it in detail in the right hand side. Although these descriptions come from a trusted source it is advisable to consult a physical trainer before actually performing it for your own good.

Key Features Of Gym Guide App

  1. Workout Encyclopaedia store for body building.
  2. Videos of workout exercises to help you perform better.
  3. Latest updates are added frequently.
  4. No ad display in the interface.
  5. Graphics and texts from
  6. Free of cost app
  7. Very Simple and uncluttered interface

Final verdict

Gym Guide app is unique because it’s a fitness app and that too emphasizing on body building tips. It is useful for people who like to work out in the correct manner using right techniques as the app provides all the relevant and detail information on each of the exercises with embedded videos.

Downloading Link: Gym Guide

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