Hair Styling App For Windows 8 / 10 to make New Style, Braided and Bun

Hair Styling is a Windows 8 App with the latest trends as well as several tutorials on making new hair styles. This is an app for the people who love to make their hairstyles, braided, and bun according to ultramodern trends. In modern days people are conscious of look and personality. They are zealous to make new and attractive styles. Hair contributes a great role in beauty,  prettiness, look, and personality. So this app could assist you in changing your hairstyle to make it fascinating and fabulous. Using this app you could get updates on which style is in fashion at this span of time as well as change it modestly with the tutorials given here.

Features of This App

In this app you will find Different hairstyles in the wake of variation of hairs as long, short, curly,  thick, thin old age, new age. You can figure your hairstyle and get the latest news on hairstyles, care, and advice using this app. Photos of popular celebrities hairs styles are presented in a very pleasing way. With each tutorial, you will find a lot of clear, sharp, and pretty photos so that you could get it with ease. Here Hair Style for men, women, children are also found. In Advice section proper suggestions for different types of hairs are given. Besides these you can get several tips for caring for your hair.

hair styling app for windows 8

How to use Hair Styling App

To install this app first you will have to launch Charm Search (Win Key + W) and writes hairstyling in it. After getting the app installed on your PC. Using this App is very straight and simple. On the Main User Interface their are three sections Current News, Current Videos, and Recent Photos. In Current News Section here are few new articles about hair and braided. Current video section comprises video tutorials for different types of buns, braided and styles and where as a number of beautiful photos having various hairstyles are available. On homepage there are so many links using which you can navigate to any category or post. At the left side of each page, you will get a list of 15 posts. These are recently written.

In this app you could see the different categories as Celebrity Hair Style, Short Hair Style, Long Hair Style, Men Hair Style, Hair Care Advice. Hair Style pictures Hair care products and in each and every category there are a number of posts and photos. Even all posts are written with perfection. You might love the styles presented here.

My Opinion

So, I could say this app is a boon for hair lover who uses Windows 8. He could get latest trends and embellish his hairs following are the video tutorials available in the App.

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