How Does NRI Open Account in SBI / State Bank in India

NRI can open an account in SBI in India. NRI means Non Resident Indian can hold an account which should be only Rupee Account or Foreign Currency Account. For this they have to submit essential documents or proof of identity with account opening forms. After submitting these documents, the SBI branch will take five working days for the verification of your submitted documents. The whole procedure to open an account for NRI in SBI will take a time of six weeks. You may also contact to the Customer care of SBI on 0800 532 532 (if you are calling from within UK) or 020 7454 4338 (if you are calling from outside the UK)  for any kind of help.

Procedure with which NRI Opens Account in SBI

1. Firstly you have to download its opening application form from the official website of SBI NRI. You can also download SBI NRI Account Opening Form. Other option to get this form by visiting its nearest branch in foreign or india as your choice.

2. After that you have to fill this form and have to be attested by the authorized official at its Foreign Offices or Indian Embassy or Indian Consulate or Indian High Commissioner or Notary Public.

3. Then you have to submit this application form along with the attested copies of your documents for KYC (Know Your Customer) verification and initial remittance to a branch of your convenience in India. If it is permitted that you can also hand over this form and documents to selected SBI Foreign/Indian office nearby it will be requested to you that you should indicate your choice of branch.

4. SBI NRI Account Opening Documents

a) Copy of relevant pages of Passport

b) Copy of valid Visa or Work Permit

c)  Electricity Bill

d) Telephone Bill

e) Original copy of latest bank statement of account overseas

f) Copy of Employee ID Card

g) Copy of Labour Card

h) Copy of Social Security Card

 SBI NRI Account Opening Additional Documents

i) Cheque drawn on your overseas Bank account

j) Cancelled or Paid Cheque of your overseas Bank account

k) Copy of Proof of Income or Pay Slip or Tax return

l) Copy of Marriage Certificate

After providing these documents NRI will surely open an account in SBI in India.

How Does NRI Register for Internet Banking in SBI

NRI can also activate SBI internet banking. For this they have to fill the registration form and also have to submit it to the branch of SBI. After that you will be also able to get internet banking facility of SBI. Now few important steps are mentioned below which will lead them for this type of facility.

1. Firstly you have to get a registration form from its nearest branch or website of SBI. You can also download the registration form.

2. After downloading this form, you have to fill it and submit to the branch with which you have maintained your NRI accounts.

3. After submitting this form The bank will provide you a Pre Printed Kit (PPK) in which your username and password to first login have been mentioned. If you are not in a position to collect PPK , the bank will arrange to send a username through SMS on your mobile and a mailer containing password to your registered address which have mentioned in your opening account documents.

4. After that your account will be activated to use SBI internet banking facility, and you can make your first login.

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