How to block Facebook

Curiosity about blocking existing websites comes in human mind from yesteryear. Reasons behind blocking are quite simple; as most of them are using subsided contents and stay with single faced conclusions. But, when a question is raised in front of you to block Facebook from immediate effect how can you react? Obviously, you don’t feel well. Because most of the citizens have a common place to share their emotions and thoughts freely.

Like minded people of every sphere are indulging relentless to share their ideas and emotions through their Facebook Accounts. Certainly, it takes more and more time and  No one can justify decision of excessive use Facebook. Therefore, limited option like blocking ‘Facebook’ remains. Now, point of discussion tends to how to block Facebook easily? In fact, there are many ways to block particular websites and I am going to discuss a few of them.

How to block Facebook

Block Facebook using Hosts file option

Act of blocking Facebook requires opening host file, which resided into the driver of system32 files of existing computer system. Access of host file could be quite easily throughout this command as: C:\ windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts or Do it in this sequence and be able to block Facebook:

  • Right Click on my computer Icon
  • Select open and then choose C drive or other location where OS installed.
  • Click on to Windows and then after System32 suboption
  •  Select drivers after then click on to etc folder and host files respectively.
  • Open hosts file in Notepad and paste IP Address of website, which you want to block.

How to Block Facebook in Internet Explorer

Users of Internet Explorer have inbuilt facility to block any website either it Facebook or anything else. In the way of blocking websites they have to take following steps:

  • Click on Internet Explorer icon to open it and after then select Tools
  • Now click Internet options
  • Select Content Tab and then click Enable button
  • Now, click on Approved sites tab
  • Enter the web address of Facebook here and click Never & Ok button respectively.
  • At last assign password and confirm it.

Besides of making partial settings in system or browsers apps like FB Limiter could be helpful to block Facebook. This app is proven to work in operating system like Window XP, Windows-7, and the new version. Users may download FB Limiter apps easily through below link.

Download FB Limiter Apps

Hoping after following this article you all will be master in act of blocking Facebook.

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