How to get paid Amazon, 4shared Android Apps free

Android apps are very popular with smartphone users, and a good app is almost always is downloaded from Google app store, Google Play. While most of these apps are free, there are many of them which require you to pay money, in order to use them. We are always on lookout of ways to get these apps, free of cost. Thus, we end up using crack versions of apps or even trial/beta versions of these apps which are let out by the companies. Yet there are ways by which you can use a full version of a paid Android app. Here’s how you can do it:-

(i) Amazon

Amazon’s mobile application hosts a variety of paid apps that can be used for free. Not every app is available for free, But during festive seasons, you get discounts and special offers that ease your money burden and help you to afford using the apps. The list of these apps is constantly updated and you are in touch with the latest entries in the app world. The best part of this application is perhaps the ‘TEST DRIVE’ option which allows you to test run the apps before you actually download them.

In order to get this app on your phone, visit the link appstoreapp and download the app. After that, you will find the Appstore-release.apk in your notification bar. Click on it to install the app.

(ii) 4shared

4shared is an app that allows you to download paid apps for free. This app is unique in the sense that, it operates from both computer and phone. It is available on the Google play app store. The app has options that help resolve compatibility issues and make it perfectly compatible with most handsets. It can also be shared with other Android users.

The app works perfectly well on computer. In order to get an app, enter the 4shared app in your computer and you will find a search bar in the app. Enter the name of desired app in the search bar and hit enter. For example, if you want to download app abc, then enter abc.apk in the search bar and hit enter. The many versions of the app are displayed before you and then you need to choose the version compatible with your phone. Once you download the app, it’s easy to transfer it to your smartphone.

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