How to get refund from iTunes App Store

iTunes App Store offers countless Apps to us. As per need, we purchase and download useful apps from iTunes App Store. Seldom it happens that the downloaded app is not compatible with iOS devices. Then how to react with raised condition is a big question. Most probably such condition compels you to get refund from iTunes App Store for that App.

However, it is tough to get refund any paid App to App Store after purchasing. When you move ahead tips with steps, you could easily be refunded for the non-performing app from iTunes App Store.

How to get refund from iTunes App Store

  • Log in your iTunes Accounts. For this, access iTunes Store then click on Accounts option that appears on top right corner, then log in with your username and password.
  • Once logged in successfully, you need to click ‘See All’ under Purchase History.
  • Above action leads you to that window, which has tracked all purchased order. Here, you need to click on ‘Report a Problem’ button at the bottom of the existing screen.
  • Now find such app you want to get refunded then select ‘Report a Problem’
  • It will display Six categories to app related objection. Choose the problem under prior category and put the detailed reason for refunding for the app from iTunes App Store.

While claiming, you should put a firm view to refund such app. If your mentioned reasons are legitimate then chances to get refund for the app would be brighter.

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