How to make Cracker at Home step by step

Lightening firecrackers is extremely enjoyable moment in one’s life. Either in festive seasons or in memorable jiff, human used to lit firecrackers after purchasing it from markets. Plenty of variety as noisy firecrackers, light producing firecrackers, smoke bomb etc are been seen during Deepawali. You all know very well how to lit these firecrackers but have hardly any idea about making Firecrackers. The particular article enables you to make firecrackers through homemade materials.

The substance, which requires to make crackers or bomb, are  One Pingpong Ball, Cocktail Stick, Fuse and some Tin foil. Now follow successive steps and make homemade firecrackers with ease.

  • Strike a hole at the top of pingpong ball.
  • Get a tinfoil, square in shape, to cover it completely and still have some part.
  • Now position upward to pingpong ball with hole you created in the middle of square of tinfoil.
  • Then keep sharp object like cocktail stick protruding from hole in the pingpong ball.
  • Now wrap the tinfoil around it.
  • Then remove cocktail stick and you should be able to see hole made earlier..
  • Put on fire, you will be see ball start to expand and then let off the gas inside with a jet of flame. These are nice fun..

For getting spectacular effects, you need to keep the ball facing upwards, while you put on fire. Keep a small fuse of tinfoil sticking out the top, to make bomb like looks. Also turn off all lights for nice glowing appearance.


This is homemade fun of campers. Therefore, be careful when using fire. It could be dangerous activity to you. Be careful not to burn down your valuable household things.

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