How to Reformat Windows 10

First of all, let it be clear that reformat means reset so you will find the ways to reset Windows 10 in this article. All of the users know that when a program crashes and the OS doesn’t work normally an adverse situation arises. The last option remains at this moment is Reset that sends a system to the default state. In Windows 10, you find 2 modes for this – Remove Everything and Keep my Files. We will discuss methods for each in the below part of How to Reformat Windows 10.

How to Reformat Windows 10

To Reformat Windows 10 you find mainly 2 ways – through Recovery and from Boot menu. However, in recent days one more navigation named Fresh Start is included in Windows Defender Security Center that allows resetting. Let’s see one by one –

How to Reformat Windows 10 using Recovery in Settings app

The easiest way to Reformat Windows 10 goes through Settings application. Recovery comprises Reset this PC and Advanced startup options that advance you to the platform where you can easily perform to fix the crashing issues by resetting.

Step-1: Open the Start menu; make a click on Settings cog.

How to Reformat Windows 10 image 1

Step-2: Select Update & Security.

How to Reformat Windows 10 image 2

Step-3: Make a click on Recovery from the left pane and quickly shift to the corresponding right side. Choose Get started under Reset this PC and allow the system to guide you to initiate the method.

How to Reformat Windows 10 image 3

Step-4: After a while, you need to decide to pick one of the choices – 1.Keep my files and 2. Remove everything.

Note: “Keep my files” will preserve your personal info and “Remove everything” will take the Windows to the stage as you find after installation from scratch or clean install.

Click on Remove everything.

How to Reformat Windows 10 image 4

Step-5: After you select “Remove everything” 2 options appear in a dialog. Pick the uppermost telling – “Only the drive where Windows is installed

How to Reformat Windows 10 image 5

Step-6: System will prompt you to choose between “Just remove my files” or “Remove files and clean the drive”. Select the later one.

How to Reformat Windows 10 remove files and clean drive

Step-7: Hit the Reset button from dialog “Ready to reset this PC”.

How to Reformat Windows 10 remove files and clean drive image 1

You see It will take few minutes indicating that reformat has started. When the system will restart make a fresh login id and enjoy.

If you want to keep your files

While starting to reformat Windows 10, you may have important personal data you don’t bear to lose at certain times. In this case, get the advantage of the tool ‘Keep my files’ that Windows 10 provides.

1. Select Keep my files, from the dialog Choose an option.

How to Reformat Windows 10 keep your files

2. A screen appears telling what you will lose in this process –

“Your apps will be removed”

“You can reinstall many apps from the Store, but you’ll need to reinstall the following apps from the web or installation discs. This list of apps will be saved to the desktop and can be viewed later.”

3. Select Next.

Your apps will be removed image

4. On the subsequent dialog, you find

“Ready to reset this PC “

“Resetting will:

  • Remove all apps and programs”
  • “Change settings back to their defaults”
  • “Reinstall Windows without removing your personal files “








4. Click on Reset.

start reformatting image

5. This will take a while and your PC will restart. Important: Plug in your PC before you start.

The Reformat will start instantly showing you the percentage in real time. Your PC may reboot multiple times in the middle of the process and take a long so sit back patiently. When the system restarts finally after completing the reset you require following the steps –

After restarting the PC

  • Select Country name and click on Yes on the screen Saying Let’s start with the region. Is this right?

Lets start with region during reformat image

  • Choose Skip on “Want to add second keyboard layout?” window.

keyboard layout reformat

  • On the coming screen, select “Setup for personal use” and hit Next.

Setup windows 10 for personal use Windows 10 image

Now make a sign in and set a password to be ready with your reformatted Windows 10.

We have got another simple way to be included with guidelines about How to Reformat Windows 10. This task involves Boot menu to initiate the process. Let’s have a look at the below guidelines in this regard:

How to Reformat Windows 10 using Boot Menu

The Troubleshooting options allow you to reformat Windows 10 using boot menu. The method is absolutely same after you reach the Reset this PC.

  • Open the Start menu and select the Power icon.
  • Perform a click on Restart from the list at the same time holding the Shift key down (Shift+Restart). This will prevent the Windows from rebooting normally rather send to the troubleshooting environment.

Restart to troubleshoot window image

  • Select Troubleshoot from here and move on to succeeding screen.

Troubleshoot option on recovery environment image

  • Select Reset this PC from the current window and system will arrange to initiate the procedure.

How to Reformat Windows 10 image 6

  • Now follow the above method from Step – 4 to continue reformatting Windows 10.

Therefore these two effective ways probably say most about How to Reformat Windows 10. These should be sufficient for a regularly used computer. Yet something left out in case you are a beginner.

How to Reformat Windows 10 using Fresh start

01. Press “Win+I” shortcut keys and quickly open the Settings application on your Windows.

02. Make a click on “Update & Security” once you reach scrolling mouse pointer.

03. Choose Recovery option from left side pane on the following page and quickly jump over to adjacent right side.

04. Head to More recovery options and follow the link provided with “Learn how to start fresh with a clean installation of Windows”.

How to Reformat Windows 10 image 8

05. The operating system will ask your permission to open “Windows Defender Security Center”. Hit the Yes button to continue.

permission pop up to open fresh start in Windows defender security center

06. From the subsequent page, perform a click on “Get Started” to starting reinstalling Windows 10 afresh.

How to Reformat Windows 10 image 9

Follow the online instructions to complete the reformat of Windows 10.

How easy it’s!

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