ietherPaint Windows 8 / 10 App – Draw and Paint Collaboratively

ietherPaint, is a simple Windows 8 app which you can use for entertainment purpose or use it as a productivity tool. It facilitates you to apply collaborative drawing and painting. You can use ietherPaint to have some fun with friends or share and discuss something important, like things concerned with studies or office work. You can either start drawing or scribbling on a plain canvas or import a picture from Skydrive or from any local folder present in your Windows 8 devices. And now begin drawing on the top part. Quickly you are done, you can then save the file in popular image file format. PNG, directly in SkyDrive or in your Windows device hard disk.

ietherPaint Windows 8 app

Using this Windows 8 collaborative drawing app ietherPaint is easy as pie. Everything that’s required for working properly and efficiently in the app is present on the screen itself. I liked the fact that the app gives a full screen canvas to scribble; without any single advertisements. Working on full screen does give a good experience. No doubt that the app has a really good design, and clean-effective user interface. And if you wish to get the brushes, eraser, save, open, brush size controller and other options, all you need to do is left click anywhere on the screen. You’ll get brushes on the lower left corner, buttons to save, open, clear, and size controller on lower right corner of the screen. Plus you’ll get three more buttons on the top left corner of the screen, these contain Hide, Join+, and Mode.

Obviously you’ll need to stay connected to internet in order to collaboratively draw. However, if you don’t want to draw collaboratively then, there’s no need to stay connected to internet. The app gives you two options: first you can be the host and the second you can be joiner. If you want to be the host, then simply click on Mode button and the slider for Allow user join+ label towards right. And, if you are the joiner then click on Join + button. It searches for other users of the app, who are the hosts. The good thing is more than two users can join a session. But more users there’ll be, slower the drawings update. But the good thing is all the drawings are in real-time. And the app works great for 2 to 3 users. ietherPaint is aided with good drawing brushes and size controller. Every stroke is very smooth and neat. And the same goes for the eraser. A way better controls and strokes than that of MS Paint.

A really good thing in this Windows 8 collaborative drawing app is, it also lets you import an image either from SkyDrive or your device hard disk. It supports popular 3 image file formats: JPG, PNG, and BMP.  And once the image is on the screen, you can than draw on it. So, by using iether app you can make meme on photos of your friend and save it. However, I feel that the app requires to be resized and replate buttons for the imported photos. Now invite friends and portray them collaboratively, and after finishing, save the drawing or photo in PNG file format.

Key features of this Windows 8 collaborative drawing app ietherPaint:

  • Freely available.
  • Good Windows 8 collaborative drawing app.
  • Be the host or join a session.
  • Good drawing tools and erasers.
  • Draw on blank canvas or draw on top of photos.
  • Integrated with SkyDrive.
  • Simple, clean and easy.

Final note:

ietherPaint is a nice Windows 8 App for collaborative drawing. You can use iether as a fun app along and for giving online presentations. After all, it is a good app try.

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