How to set up Nexus 10 Tablet – Guide

To set up Google Nexus 10 is not very different from other Nexus. In this regard after starting the tablet Nexus 10 you will have to select language, WiFi, Sync Google account to get apps, YouTube videos, Sign in into Google Wallet if you will purchase games, videos, etc and last but not least learn to back up and restore. As you know Nexus is a fantastic Tablet launched by Google. It has all the specifications required in new tech age, even more. The main quality of Nexus 10 is it fulfill the needs of everyone. Here a short guide is being presented to set up Nexus 10 Tablet.

Start Nexus 10

To start the Google Nexus 10 Tablet you have to press the power button until tablet vibrates and then release it.You will see nexus Logo.

Select Language

Few seconds later welcome appears on the screen and then you have to select the language that you want and touch the start button on the screen.

set up nexus 10 tablet

Select Wi-Fi

After this you have to select the Wi-Fi and it is necessary to have a Wi-Fi to complete the setup process because you have to sign in with a valid Email Id that you want to synchronize with your nexus 10.

Got Google?

When connection established you can sign in with your Google account to synchronize your Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, Contacts and all other apps related to google or you can just skip this step and create it later.


After Signing in it will ask to set up the credit card for Google Wallet to purchase games ,books, movies from Google but for now you can touch “Not Now” option if you don’t want to purchase.You can purchase it later if you want.

Backup and Restore

Then touch the triangle button on the bottom right side of the tablet to Backup and Restore. It is very fast and takes few seconds to back up and restore but sometime restoring can take up to five minutes.

Google and Location

Select triangle button to share your location with “Wi-Fi” or “Google apps”. It shares your location when you connected with a Wi-Fi. If you don’t want to share then disable the check box and touch the triangle button.

Setup Complete

That is it. Your tablet is set up and Ready to use. Touch the finish button.

Conclusion: It is very good tablet and very easy to set up the tablet. Easy to use for gaming, studying, Browsing the internet etc.

You can get more cleared with this video:

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