iFiveChess – Windows Free App to Exercise your Brain

iFiveChess is a free App game of Windows 8 to exercise your brain and have fun. In many ways, it is similar to that of the tic tac game except here you have to make 5 X’s or O’s in a row. Beginners who love tackling the brain puzzles will love this game as it is fun and challenging but once you’ve figured it out and its different strategy, you will always end up declaring a draw. After knowing the game well, it becomes too simple to be played. However, reaching up to that level without the support of other in terms of the trick is really exciting. Before moving a single step, you should be conscious of your opponent’s move as well as your next move.

The interface of this game is cool and wonderful. It is kept simple so that it doesn’t disturb your concentration during the game like the other testing skills game. It is simply a chessboard with more than 64 boxes and is kept completely white.  A screenshot of the interface of this game is shown below:

ifivechess interface

Rules of this game

Following are the rules of this game:

  1. You will play first.
  2. Your move is X’s and your opponents are O’s.
  3. For winning a single match, you have to make five X’s in a row in the game.
  4. You can make the match draw by preventing your opponent from making five O’s in a row.

How to play this game 

Once you have installed this game on your Windows machine, open it from its icon. On its home menu, you have to start the game by placing an X at any blank. You can put an X at anyplace, however, if you start the game by putting an X at any one corner, it will be more beneficial for you to concentrate on the game as in this new case you have to think of only two directions instead of four in which your opponent could try to make his five O’s in a row.

I have played this game and found it very interesting. Exploring a game on your own makes you more delightful and happy. So, here I would like to tell you that you must explore this game and master over each move of yourself and your opponents too. No one could make you master this game by his thoughts unless you come to it and give it a try. So, give it a try by your own mind and develop your own strategy and tricks. Soon you will find winning the game yourself.

Salient Features of this game 

  1. A Brain exercising but the lightweight game. 
  2. Comes for Completely free.
  3. Very Simple and clean interface.
  4. Internet connection is not required.


iFiveChess is a mind game to test your own skills. It makes you think in a situation where it is difficult to save and defeat your opponent. It is a brilliant game for beginners. However, once you develop all the skills, trick and facts about this game might bore you. This app has been built and tested for accessibility, making it easier for everyone to use. You can have access to this game from the download link provided below:

Download link:  iFiveChess

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