Eight Important Updates and Features in Windows 8

Windows 8 has been officially launched in month and half before. Till now, You all are accustomed to Windows 8 application & features. Hoping you experienced better computing with Windows 8. As a professional, I observe Windows 8 features and compare it with earlier version too. I find significant inclusion in Windows 8 compares to earlier Windows. These eight findings met during the observance. You could meet with these finding after following rest of the article.

After closely reviewing features, I find following changes made in Windows 8: Navigation and Appearance, Native USB 3.0 Support, Enhanced Sensor Capabilities, DirectX 11 Gaming, Performance Enhancements, Windows 8 Task Manager, UAS 3.0 & Storage Spaces, Enhanced Boot Security & Performance.

Navigation & Appearance

While using Windows 8 you notice new Start Screen with live Tiles. It gives better navigation experience to perform tasks quickly. You may fetch Quick Link Menu after pressing ‘Win + X’ key or applying Right Click on lower left Screen. Enhanced Keyboard Shortcuts could be used for better efficiency. Better multi monitor support is another important inclusion.

Native USB 3.0 Support

Windows 8 supports USB 3.0, which functions 10 times faster than USB 2.0. So it is quite useful while transferring larger data from one device to another. Improved power management and better device compatibility are such arrangements, which was not available in earlier Windows.

Enhanced Sensor Capabilities

Windows 8 comes with fitted enhanced sensor capabilities. As you know sensor technology play magnificent part in delivering splendid computing experience. Windows 8 uses light sensors and accelerometer sensor to control brightness of computer screen automatically. Sensor technology of Windows 8 enables exact compass reading feature.

DirectX 11 Gaming 

Windows 8 includes DirectX PC games. These games use super realistic environments. High resolution textures & interactive physic modeling add enough fire power. Indeed these are the most exciting games and realistic in nature, which did not exist in older Windows version.

Performance Enhancement 

Windows 8 was designed to renovate performance while using variety of PC. You find better system efficiency than ever before. Arrangements of bulk file downloads and uploads are made in Windows 8. Web browsing experience would be memorable in Windows 8 PC.

Windows 8 Task Manager 

Entity of Task Manager was also in earlier Windows, but Windows 8 has more advanced version. You may check countless tasks at this place such as system resources terminate processes, monitor apps etc. You may easily control startup process after applying right-click on existing program in Task Manager Window.

UAS 3.0 & Storage Space

Current scenario demands large amount of storage space. Windows 8 offers native support for UAS 3.0. Which increases drive performance, better drive interoperability and power savings. The Storage Space offers easy management either through Control Panel or PowerShell, RAID like performance, Easy expansion, Mirrored resilience and support for inexpensive USB HDDs.

Enhanced Boot Security and Performance 

Countless changes were made while developing Windows 8 to ensure security optimization. Finally, consideration was made to incorporate Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) system. It reduces risk of loading a compromised Windows image to less susceptibility to certain types of security threats. Boot performance has been working magnificently in Windows 8. Ultra fast Windows 8 start up intelligently shuts down and boots your PC.

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