How to install Windows 11 without TPM and Secure Boot

Way to install Windows 11 without TPM and Secure Boot with a regedit modification.

install Windows 11 without TPM and Secure Boot

Windows 11 has a bigger list of minimum system requirements particularly for hardware which your computer may be unable to compete with. When you try to install Windows 11 Secure Boot and TPM requirements may prevent and fail the process. In this case, PC Health Checkup program also confirms this issue and shows an error This PC can’t run Windows 11.

However, you can install Windows 11 without TPM and Secure Boot with a small registry tweak. Microsoft itself has explained a method to do this. This way you can avoid the error appearing during the installation such as “Windows 11 cannot be run on this PC”.

Install Windows 11 without TPM and Secure Boot

Here is how to install Windows 11 without TPM and Secure Boot –

  1. First of all, create a reg file and copy this to a USB stick. For this,
  2. Right-click on the desktop and select – New => Text document.
  3. Copy the following content –

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"BypassTPMCheck" = dword: 00000001
"BypassSecureBootCheck" = dword: 00000001

  1. Paste into the document.
  2. Select  – File => Save as.
  3. Name the file something with .reg extention(remove .txt).
  4. Click – Save.
How to install Windows 11 without TPM and Secure Boot
  1. Alternatively, you can simply file to Install Windows 11 without TPM and Secure Boot. You will have to extract the zip before pasting it to the USB.
  2. Copy this file to a USB stick.
  3. Insert the stick into the port.

Microsoft recommended registry modification –

Download this .reg file also and copy it to the USB flash drive –

Microsoft strongly suggests not installing Windows 11 on a device that does not fulfill the Windows 11 system requirements. However, acknowledging the risks, you are able to create the following registry key values to install Windows 11 without TPM and Secure Boot. This modification will help the system bypass the checking. The Registry change is as follow –

Name: AllowUpgradesWithUnsupportedTPMOrCPU
Value: 1

Source – Microsoft Support.

Install the new version

  1. Go to Windows 11 download page.
  2. Click on Download now from Create Windows 11 Installation Media section.
  3. Double click on MediaCreationToolW11.exe.
  4. On Windows 11 Setup, select – Accept.
  5. Click – Next.
  6. Insert a USB (at least 8 GB) in the laptop’s port and check the option USB flash drive.
  7. Select – Next.
  8. After the media is created you will see – Your USB flash drive is ready.
  9. Click on – Finish.
  10. Restart the PC and press Esc (depending on manufacturer) when the machine is turning on.
  11. From Boot device options, select the USB Flash drive.
  12. Now, on Windows 11 installation file and choose the Language and click “Next”.
install Windows 11 without Secure Boot and TPM
  1. Click – Install Now.
install now on Windows 11 setup
  1. On the next window, select – “I do not have a product key”.
windows setup activate windows
  1. Choose the version you are going to install.
  2. Click – Next.
  3. If you come across an error message stating that Windows 11 cannot be installed on this device you need to use the reg file. You may also notice “Windows 11 cannot be run on this PC”. Now, you return back to the version selection.
  4. Press the – Shift key + F10.
  5. When the command prompt opens, type notepad.exe and press – Enter.
  6. On the notepad, click File => Open.
  7. In the open window, switch to “All files” under file type and locate the USB stick.
  8. Once you have found the reg file, right click and select – Merge.
  9. Do the same with both .reg files.
  10. Click Yes on the confirmation dialog.
  11. The command prompt and Notepad window will now be closed.
  12. On the Windows 11 Setup version selection, again click – Next.
  13. Check the box of license terms and install Windows 11 as usual.

Microsoft recommended

That’s all!!

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