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keyword research
Every task on the Internet begins with just clicking on the Search button after typing a “KEYWORD” in the Search box. The Search marketing field employees highly respect the keyword research which is the soul of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It teaches the right use of the words to get better traffic and ranking teaches the demand of the keywords and even teaches what the customers want. The most important thing is getting the right kind of visitors. Let us look at some of the keyword strategies:

  • Judging the value of the keywords: This is the most basic thing which should be done by each and every web designer. While there are many tools for this, but a lot of intelligence is required to conduct this research. For example, if a web designer owns an online book store, then he is the one who has to make a decision whether fiction books are in vogue or science based or the others. He has kept a track of the readers and keep on knowing what kind of books are in the market and keep on changing the keywords to get the traffic at the present. For example, now at present “Fifty shades of Grey” which is a fiction is a most searched book, so the keyword fiction should be used.
  • Keyword relevance: It is for the Web owner to design whether the Keyword used is relevant or not. The searchers on visiting the site will be able to get what they require, will they be satisfied with the search results and will the keywords get good traffic bringing good finance. These are to be decided and proceeded.
  • Search: Becoming a searcher before becoming a Web designer is a very good idea and gives a good insight into the trends of the keywords being used. The search on the major search engines will reveal which keywords are mostly used and how are the websites ranked. The keyword typed in the Search box which returns the maximum results is the most used one. Various suggestions to a particular search term are given. The more the suggestions are shown, the more is the popularity of the keyword which shows that it is more linked. This gives a better traffic.
  • Buying the test traffic: Buying the test traffic will help in bringing the traffic. Some exact keywords can be chosen from the Google AdWords, and the traffic can be pointed to the relevant page.
  • Understanding the difficulty of keywords: The use of keywords is different in different context. A keyword getting traffic in one context might not be recognizable in other context. While competing with the top search results, it might take years to appear even in the first page. So understanding its difficulty is very important.
  • The keyword research can be done from the following sources:

1.    Google AdWords Keyword Tool
2.    Google Insights for Search
3.    Google Trends Keyword Demand Prediction
4.    Microsoft Advertising Intelligence
5.    Word tracker Free Basic Keyword Demand

Hence, these tips might help you a lot to get good traffic. Do not forget to leave your valuable comments before leaving this page.

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