Latest updates and Launches for Google Glass

Google’s project ‘Google Glass’ is perhaps the tech giant’s most ambitious project till date and the company is taking its time in letting out the few details of the project that has been until now, kept strictly secret. It was beyond imagination that one can use computer or Smartphone in daily using utensils. When Google glass will be grounded, these puzzles will come to truth. Here are a few updates and features regarding the Google glass which have been almost confirmed by Google to be present in the final product: –

(i) Google Glass will be a handheld device capable of connecting to the internet and capturing photos, recording videos like a smartphone.

(ii) It will have built-in microphones that will enable voice command.

(iii) The glass will have in-built apps that are capable of displaying the current temperature, predicting weather, showing dates and time, making notes. You can also make or receive voice and video calls.

google glass

(iv) The glass will be 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi enabled and will have 4.0 low energy module Bluetooth. There are rumors that the glass will be either 3G or 4G enabled.

(v) Apart from the above mentioned features there is a separate Android app meant for Google Glass that has been launched already on the Google Play store. Called the ‘My Glass companion app’, it will work only on those Android devices which have 4.0.3 + version of the operating system (OS).

Once this app is on your smartphone, you can link your phone and the Glass via this app and then you can access your phone’s SMS and location details through it. While this app is necessary to link your phone and Glass, the app is useless for those who don’t have Google Glass. Thus Google reminds Android users who intend to download the app, “if you don’t have Glass, then downloading this will be a waste of time.”

As of now, Google has released a companion app only for Android. Once the Glass is launched, apps for other mobile platforms might be released.

(vi) Another glass feature launched by the Google is the ‘GLASS SETUP’. This feature is meant for getting started with your Google Glass. It allows you to get introduced to the first steps of using Google glass. Using your Glass you can scan a QR code that links hardware to your account. It allows to help you to set up your Glass on the local Wi-Fi. Of course, this has no use for you until you own a Google Glass.

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