Lively v2.0.7.4 Patches many wallpaper issues to support Windows 11 22H2

Changes, improvements, bug fixes, known issues, and download link of the latest version Lively v2.0.7.4.

Lively v2.0.7.4

Lively is a renowned desktop wallpaper app providing clean animated wallpapers and themes based on Chromium. The program has received an update to support Windows 11 22H2 and fixes some performance bugs. Lively v2.0.7.4 is the new version. The app was encountering wallpaper disappearing problem that occurred when Copilot (Preview) opened, USB device connected, Display settings changed, and resuming from sleep. These bugs are now fixed.

Furthermore, Lively v2.0.7.4 updated Mpv player build 20231008, CefSharp browser v111.2.70, NET Core Runtime v7.0.12, WindowsAppSDK v1.4.231008000,
and community translations. The app is now fully compatible with Windows 11 22H2 except for some rare instances. Let’s see what the new patch brings for Lively:

Animated Wallpaper app Lively v2.0.7.4 Changes, bug fixes, and known issues

Here is the changelog:

  • This update includes patches for Windows 11 22H2 update and other critical bug fixes.
  • Look into the new native weather app Lively Weather powered by DirectX effects:

Changes and improvements

Lively v2.0.7.4 Bug Fixes

  • Windows 11 22H2 update patches.
  • The app fixed the wallpaper disappearing problem when Copilot (Preview) opened.
  • Fixed wallpaper disappearing when Bluetooth device connected.
  • Also, fixed wallpaper disappeared when USB device was connected.
  • The latest version of Lively fixed wallpaper disappearing when Display settings changed.
  • Wallpaper was disappearing on some systems resuming from sleep; this is fixed now. This occurs due to a driver or Chromium issue, as a workaround wallpaper is restarted if it is crashed.
  • The new app version fixed wallpaper taking focus when starting.


  • Lively v2.0.7.4 refactorizes and updates to improve UI and Core performance.


  • Updated Mpv player build 20231008
  • Updated CefSharp browser v111.2.70
  • Updated .NET Core Runtime v7.0.12
  • Updated WindowsAppSDK v1.4.231008000
  • Updated community translations.


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Known issues

  • In certain uncommon cases, wallpaper may vanish while running games in fullscreen mode. It is advised to switch to Windowed or Borderless mode. For optimal latency, ensure that Windowed Game Optimization is enabled in your Windows settings: Windowed games in Windows 11.
  • The app has still MSI Afterburner incompatibility with RivaTuner Statistics Server, HW64, or other overlay utilities.
    Finally, the program adds exception/set to low priority for LivelyUI.WinUI.exe program in the overlay utility.

Download link: lively_setup_x86_full_v2074.exe
Source: Release note.

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