Macrium Reflect 8 Free Version 8.0.7690 is available to download

The Backup tool Macrium Reflect 8 Free Version 8.0.7690 changes, bug fixes, and direct download link.

Macrium Reflect 8 Free Version 8.0.7690

Macrium Reflect 8 Free version comes up with a new security update. You know this version is discontinued by the company however the tool will be getting security updates until 01/01/2024. In this continuation, the distribution is made to the tool. The release note is currently not available when it is out we will obviously update the info.

Macrium Reflect 8 Free Version 8.0.7690 does not bring any new functions or features because you can find it only in the paid edition which is 8.1. Macrum Reflect 8.1.  got 8.1.7675 on 08.10.2023. It is possible that fix for CVE-2023-43896 has arrived as in the paid version.

Macrium Reflect 8 Free version 8.0.7690 bug fixes

Here is the changelog:

Macrium Reflect 8 Free version update possible fixes

  • This Security update has fixed CVE-2023-43896. This distribution includes a security patch for psmounterex.sys. It is strongly advised to install this version to safeguard your system’s security.
  • Rescue Media Builder – If the settings to overwrite the Rescue Media drivers were modified in a particular sequence, it allowed the Rescue Media Builder to remove drivers from the C:\Windows\Inf folder on the host system. This problem has been fixed.

Macrium Reflect 8.1.7675 update changes

  • Previously, system clones created on an empty disk might have experienced boot failures unless ‘Fix Windows Boot Problems’ was executed. This issue has now been rectified.


  • The updated version has addressed the issue where incremental image backups of dynamic volumes could fail to mount.
  • A problem occurred while attempting to create an image backup of the system volume on a dynamic disk using Rescue Media could result in an ‘Access is denied’ error. This issue has now been fixed.

Rescue Media Builder

  • In a specific sequence of modifying the Rescue Media drivers override settings, the Rescue Media Builder had the potential to remove drivers from the host system’s C:\Windows\Inf folder. This problem has been fixed.


  • Previously, certain files were persisting in C:\Users<USER>\AppData\Local\Temp. Now, they are promptly removed after use.
  • The issue where creating a backup Desktop shortcut with the ‘Prompt’ option caused backups to run in the background has been fixed. Additionally, the problem with backup comments added via Desktop shortcuts not being saved has also been resolved.
  • In this version, a new menu option has been introduced for submitting support cases. Upon contacting support for a case number, you can now navigate to ‘Help’ > ‘Submit Support Ticket…’ to provide log and system information, assisting us in resolving any issues.

Macrium Reflect 8 Free download links

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