How to Make Cortana Better Learn your Voice in Windows 10

Cortana provides all the search stuff required by the user. But occasionally, it takes a little bit of time to apprehend the phrase or words that are spoken to her. But Cortana has a remedy of the issue in itself. A tool resides within it which can Make Cortana Better Learn your Voice in Windows 10.

Cortana is like a storehouse of various settings. Many users are unknown to the fact that she permits to eradicate personal facts from her. She behaves as your own associate by speaking, answering, reminding you of the necessary events and miscellaneous stuff like that. But keeping aside all these characteristics of her, there is one more that we are focusing on this post. The Settings of Cortana has an option that enlists six unlike phrases to repeat after she displays them. In this way, she makes an effort to get friendly with the way you speak. The need of this workout is to make her prompt quickly whenever the user needs her. Hence, in this article, we will pen down the steps to make Cortana better learn your voice in Windows 10.

How to Make Cortana Better Learn Your Voice in Windows 10

  • Outspread the Cortana bar and travel through Notebook => Settings and ensure that Hey Cortana is triggered On.
Hey Cortana is activated in Windows 10
  • Beneath that slider make the changes of Respond best to me.
Respond best to me round cell in Windows 10 Cortana Notebook Settings
  • Move ahead and execute a click on Learn my Voice.
Make Cortana Better Learn your Voice Notebook Settings in Windows 10
  • She will represent six different yet common things that are asked oftentimes. Read out each phrase and in the end she will learn the technique you speak to her. Click Start to commence the reading.
Start button to repeat the six phrases in Cortana
  • While reading out the words or sentences, keep the surrounding quiet so that the words can be clearly apprehendable by Cortana.
Phrases to read out clearly
  • In this way, she will respond faster and correctly.
She learned the way you speak to her

This is the process, Cortana is being helped and she learned the approach of how you greet her. Now onwards, she will reciprocate swiftly to your queries and will function quite accurately. Give a try to the above points and speak out the six phrases that she wants you to speak. She will notice your approach toward saying “Hey Cortana”. And yes, please do share your reviews with us.

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  1. I wish the name Cortana be change into a different name example: Mike. It’s cool to have a voice talk to you.