mFTP for Windows 8 / 10 : A free FTP Metro App

mFTP is a valuable app of Windows Store. It lets you to download or upload anything to your FTP server quite easily. mFTP has nice user interface and it connects quickly to FTP Servers as well. With all set of FTP features, mFTP delivers nice accessing experience in greater extent.

Knowing after mFTP features, most common questions come as how can you use mFTP app? I am deriving the way of using mFTP app in rest part of existing article.

  • At first install and launch mFTP app in your Windows 8 PC.
  • Then Right click on it. It displays Options and Menu Bar. Here, at the top you see text boxes displaying Server name, User Name and Password.
  • Now enter your server address and rest of the details in respective text box then apply check mark on Save these settings.
  • At last click on ‘Login’ button to make connection between mFTP app and FTP server.

On or after successful login, you will be able to see all files and folders available at FTP server. Now, you can edit, delete, move or rename file or folder as per need. You may even create new directories and upload files on FTP server with ease. The mFTP app comes with the simplest user interface. It’s metro interface adds something to advanced FTP software on Windows 8.

Some disadvantage becomes evident while you get a bit of sluggish Internet connection. In such case mFTP does not function at all. It might be hanged your system consequently takes more time to index FTP server.

Download mFTP App (Windows 8 / Windows RT)

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