Microsoft acquires Start-up id8 Group R2 Studios

In move of expanding techno empire, Microsoft has acquired Start-up id8 Group R2 Studios. According to reliable source such deed has been finalized on January 2nd, 2013. Neither Microsoft nor Start-up id8 Group R2 came together and made claim or denied about much hyped acquiring process.

Start-up id8 Group R2 Studios was initiated in 2011 by Blake Krikorian. Since then plenty of valuable applications have been developed by Start-up id8 Group R2 Studios. Most recently, Start-up id8 Group R2 Studios has produce ‘Google Android’ applications that allow users to control one’s home  Heating & Lighting system from smartphones.

Adding valuable resource at any cost is the basic principle of any existed company. Whether, Microsoft acquires Start-up id 8 Group R2 Studios it would be master stroke. According to Wall Street Journal, Blake Krikorian will join Microsoft with their team member, that confirms deed of acquires Start-up id 8 Group R2 Studios.

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