Facebook Adds Voice Messaging for iOS and Android, Test begins in Canada

Facebook adds Voice Messaging Service into its deposit. At initial phase, Facebook’s Voice Messaging service would function smoothly¬†only in Canada. The Voice Messaging service needs iOS and Android devices to function.

As iOS and Android device rely on Standalone Messenger for accessing Facebook pages. With improved Standalone Messenger, users can speak to one another or leave short recorded voice message up to one minute period. The Facebook Voice Messaging app is only one in many that aims to improve or replace text messaging activity with Voice Messaging. Indeed, it is a nice move to come across Messaging tact.

Billions of people across the world choose Facebook stage to connect with friends and relatives. When Facebook Voice Messaging service will uniformly avail, people get most from it. For now, only Canadian people could use Facebook Voice Messaging service with latest version of Facebook messenger. It should be matter of time when Facebook Voice Messaging will be available for everyone.

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