Microsoft Edge Dev Features, Improvements, and Fixes

Microsoft Edge Dev has come out with a huge list of features and fixes. The biggest change is the dark mode which insider version browser has added with a switch. Moreover, the update includes setting for delete browsing data upon exit, addition of some policies, and more.

You can update Microsoft Edge Dev through Settings & more (Alt+F) > Help & feedback > About Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge Dev

Microsoft Edge Dev changelog

Hello insiders!  Today we released build to the Microsoft Edge Dev Channel.  As promised last week, this is the first release out of the version 78 branch, and quite fittingly, it’s packed with new features and fixes.  Some of the most significant ones include:

New features and behavior –

  • Microsoft Edge Dev update added an option in Settings to switch between light and dark themes. See – How to Enable Dark Theme in Chromium Microsoft Edge Browser.
  • Browser build added the ability to import cookies from the existing version of Edge.
  • The current update added a policy setting to enable to delete browsing data upon exit.
  • Microsoft Edge Dev browser build added a policy setting to prevent downloads from being marked as unsafe when they are available in a trusted source.
  • The update added what version of Edge a management policy is supported on to the list of policies.
  • Microsoft Edge Dev added dark theme support to the feedback screenshot editor window.
  • Furthermore, added dark theme support to the first-run sign-in popup.
  • The insider browser update added dark theme support to the browser sign in error popup.
  • Last, added a confirmation when enabling sending Do Not Track requests.

Fixes for improved reliability –

  • The update fixed an issue where Edge Canary crashes on launch on Mac.
  • Fixed an issue where saving a PDF file sometimes causes the browser to crash.
  • Microsoft Edge Dev build fixed an issue where navigating between pages in IE mode sometimes crashes the browser.
  • Channel update fixed Netflix would sometimes fail with error D7111-1331.
  • The insider brower build fixed items on the Favorites Bar that sometimes don’t respond to clicks particularly when a folder is open.
  • Solved syncing problem that sometimes gets stuck in the Initialization phase.
  • Microsoft Edge Dev Fixed an issue where signing into the browser sometimes fails.
  • The update fixed signing into the browser issue because of which it sometimes fails without showing any error.
  • The channel update solved websites that were supposed to automatically sign in using the account that the browser is signed in with don’t get signed in properly.
  • Fixed saving PDF files sometimes fails.
  • The browser update solved zooming in on a PDF sometimes causes form fill to fail.

Fixes for improved behavior –

  • Microsoft Edge Dev Fixed an issue where links that would launch other applications don’t work in IE mode.
  • The update made changes the tiles on the new tab page to display the page’s title at the time of hovering over them instead of the page’s address.
  • Removed Read Aloud from browser pages like Settings.
  • Fixed an issue where the F12 Dev Tools feedback (smiley face) button sometimes doesn’t work.
  • Solved PDFs with restrictions (on printing, copying text, etc.) that are not getting those restrictions enforced.
  • Fixed an issue where PDF scrolling doesn’t work properly on some PDF files.
  • Fixed an issue where using the arrow keys to move the text cursor in PDF forms sometimes doesn’t work.
  • Edge dev build solved the first run experience that displayed two checkboxes to allow browsing data to sync across devices.
  • Solved an issue Save Page As command appearing twice on  Mac in the File menu.
  • The current Microsoft Edge dev update fixed language the browser is showing sometimes isn’t the preferred as defined by the OS in Mac.
  • Build solved empty tooltip appearing when you open a menu like the … menu.
  • Fixed geolocation usage notification that sometimes remains even after quitting the website it applied to.
  • Fixed extra scroll bar sometimes looks in Reading View.
  • The build solved the desktop shortcut of the Edge that is sometimes being created when removing a profile.
  • Solved an issue where dragging and dropping IE mode tabs will sometimes cause them to show the wrong zoom level.
  • The insider browser update resolved the Downloads page that cuts off its content when the window size decreases rather than resizing it.
  • Furthermore, fixed an issue where the sync confirmation dialog isn’t wide enough to fit its contents.
  • The version Fixed some pages on which Favorites fail to change to dark or light theme applied until the page is refreshed.
  • Microsoft Edge Dev Improved the light theme in the F12 Dev Tools.
  • Solved some icons, for example, the new tab page icon aren’t properly updating to a lighter color when the dark theme is applied.
  • The version fixed buttons on the PDF toolbar that don’t alter state when you interact with them.

Source – Techcommunity.

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