MSIX Packaging Tool for Windows 10 1903 [Download]

MSIX Packaging Tool for Windows 10 1903, 1809 and Windows Server is now ready to get installed from the Microsoft Store. This is a user-friendly application and there is no age limitation to download this program. For conversion, this tool lets you enable both an interactive user interface and a command line. Thus, you may convert an application without having the source code. Furthermore, this application also empowers you to repackage your existing classic applications to MSIX format.

You’re able to download MSIX Packaging Tool for Windows 10 1903 from the Store at free of cost. This Windows app package occupies only 23.8 MB space on your memory that is not a more deal. The installers of desktop application can be controlled through this tool. It results in helping you to receive the application package to install on your machine. Moreover, this Windows packaging tool will access all your files, peripheral devices, apps, programs, and registry.

Way to Download MSIX Packaging Tool for Windows 10 1903

Here is how to download MSIX Packaging Tool for Windows 10 1903 –

Step-1: Navigate to the official web page of this utility using any web browser on your device.

Step-2: On the following page, click on the Get button of the running screen. This will ask you to Open Microsoft Store. Click on the same button to access the Tool page.

Note- You’re also able to launch the Microsoft Store and find it by searching the tool name.

Step-3: On the running page, click on the Get button to start the downloading procedure.

MSIX Packaging Tool for Windows 10 1903 [Download] Image 1

Some prerequisites of this Packaging Tool for Windows 10 1903

To work MSIX Packaging Tool Windows 10 on the device, your system needs to meet the following prerequisites –

  • This tool is suitable for Windows 10, version 1809 (or later).
  • If you’re using an Insider build then you have the ability to participate in the Windows Insider Program.
  • A valid Microsoft account alias to approach the app from the Microsoft Store.
  • It needs “admin privileges” on your PC account.
  • Your device must support the English (United States) language.

That’s it!!!

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  1. Gerrit Esselink


    The MSIX Packaging Tool as downloaded and installed via MS Store only worked for me with installation files.exe less than approx. 50 MB and as executed on my best Pc being the Surface Pro 4 with Windows 10 Pro, yet build 18362.329, and 250 GB SSD; but also not for files.exe over 100 MB, if tried under an almost nude Windows 10, build 18362.1 on it, which showed same errors for files.exe over 100 MB, as to be: need of some folders, files and reg.database registrations of the uninstalled file.exe, or gave, for me being an advanced user only, either not to understand info or none at all, incl. no run.
    I reported this more detailed via Feedback with attached word-document MSIX Packaging Tool(Feedback).docx, and uninstalled most of my trials and the MSIX tool again, although I think it to be a very good initiative of packaging programs.exe in a sandbox environment.