Must have Apps and Games for New Windows Phone

Whether you purchase a new Windows Phone from stores then mind teasing act begins to pick out essential Apps and Games for it. As beginner, you have hardly exact idea about picking essential apps from Windows Stores or from anywhere else. To solve puzzle like this I select 34 handpicked Apps and as many Games for New Windows Phone. Hoping, my recommendation meets with your expectation.
In segment of Essential Apps, I pick everything from Store ranging from Social Media, Entertainment, Personal Improvement and Online Shopping as well. Apps from these categories are needed Windows Phone scaffold which makes your phone quite useful throughout whole day.  Now, I am putting list of all 34 handpicked essential apps to have in new Windows Phone.

(1) Facebook (2) YouTube (3) Twitter (4) MetroRadio (5) Skype (6) SkyDrive (7) Pinsiration (8) Audible-Audiobooks (9) SBUX Card (10) Urbanspoon (11) PDF Reader (12) Netflix (13) Amazon Mobile (14) Groupon (15) Nike+Kinect Training (16) BoxFiles for Dropbox (17) Photostic (18) MyFitnessPal (19) CamWow (20) GasBuddy (21) eBay (22) (23) Amazon Kindle (24) Shazam (25) KAYAK (26) Metrotube (27) Blueprints (28) Rowi (29) 4th & Mayor (30) foursquare (31) Translator (32) Baconit (33) Stacks for Instapaper (34) IM+

Above mentioned essential apps are absolutely free in certain instance. A few apps such as Metrotube, Blueprints, Rowi and Stacks for Instapaper do cost a little in your pocket. You may navigate and install these apps easily on your Windows Phone after accessing Windows Phone Store.

While making nice collection of Games in new Windows Phone, you may think about these listings. The list has most popular gaming apps and certainly, you will like it.

(1) Angry Birds (2) Fruit Ninja (3) Xbox SmartGlass (4) Cut The Rope (5) Survivalcraft (6) Dalton – The AWESOME! (7) Flow Free (8) Wordament (9) The Sims 3 (10) MONOPOLY (11) Slot Machine (12) Texas Holdem Poker (13) Draw Something (14) Wordfeud (15) Sallys Spa (16) Doodle Jump (17) Carcassonne (18) Plants vs. Zombies (19) Words With Friends (20) Contre Jour (21) Halo Waypoint (22) Sonic CD (23) Final Fantasy (24) Kinectimals (25) Spider Solitaire (26) Star Wars

Most of Gaming apps mentioned above would be installed on your Windows Phone once after paying adequate amount for it. You may find these gaming apps from Window Phone Store.

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