How to Block YouTube Ads in Chrome and Firefox with Adblock Plus

While watching popular YouTube videos, you must have noticed that these videos start with small Videos ads and original video runs only after finishing commercial ads completely. Certainly, it is a nice case of distraction during watching popular videos. YouTube hardly has an option or two to disable these ads. Moreover, some YouTube videos have a Skip option. But skipping is not right solution to watch YouTube videos without interruption. Therefore, you have to go for a reliable option to disable these ads permanently from YouTube. You can effectively block / disable these ads permanently from YouTube after installing third-party extensions: AdBlock & AdBlock Plus simultaneously on Chrome and Firefox browser.

Many of you are well aware of AdBlock extension. It blocks every single advertisement from the websites, consequently increases capability of web page loading function. Millions of people across the world are using AdBlock extension to block all ads on their webs. The extension works efficiently on YouTube and skips ads to function so that original video streams automatically. Besides of blocking YouTube video ads, this extension blocks all other ads on YouTube web page. AdBlock shows the total number of block ads as well once installed on Chrome browser. Anyone can install AdBlock extension for Chrome browser through given link.

Download AdBlock (Chrome Extension)

 AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus extension is designed to block every type of Ad while accessing web pages, using Firefox browser. AdBlock Plus is slightly advanced than AdBlock. It supports many languages and has more than 40 filters to block most of the adverting network and malware as well. So, AdBlock Plus helps to increase web page loading speed and protect your computer from known malware. AdBlock developers are working on such strategy that extension supports another browser. As now, AdBlock Plus extension is available for the major browser like Firefox and Chrome. You may install AdBlock Plus extension on Firefox, using the link below.

Download AdBlock Plus (Firefox Extension)

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