Nearby Doctors App on Windows 8 / 10 to Get help for Health issues

Nearby Doctors is a Windows 8 app for the people living in USA for getting help for health issues. Many times you must have confronted the situation when you want to contact a specialist doctor in an emergency and at that time when you feel helpless, this app comes to your rescue in finding the details of the nearby doctors within your locality using the GPS or IP address and Yahoo local listings. It is a free app and you can use to get the contact information of the doctors and physicians.

The interface is easy to understand and the search becomes much easier. If you have ever used Google Maps you will be very comfortable using it or otherwise, also it’s not difficult to work with this app. You can have the access to it from the Windows App store or you could download it from the link provided at the last.

How to use this app

When you launch the app you are directed to the home screen which looks like a Google map that shows your current location. When you right click on the screen few options at the right bottom of the screen pop up. You can use these options to search by a filter and refresh or going back to the home screen. You can thus save a lot of time by avoiding the random search results by using the filter. A snapshot of the home screen is shown below.

                         Nearby Doctor App on Windows 8

The search process is similar to the one used in Google Maps. When you use the Filter option you are asked to choose the Specialty option and input the pin code. Note that you cannot enter the doctor’s name so you will get the relevant results once you complete the above procedure. The results get mapped on to the map and you can click on them to find out the contact information, address, and official website of the doctors. To look into the official websites (if available) simply click on the requisite button or use the Yahoo local listings to access it within the app itself.

An added feature of this app is sharing the address with your friends that have made it more efficient. Now you can help your friend in need to suggest the doctor using the Share Charm (Windows + H hotkey).

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Key Features of this app

  1. A very efficient app for health purpose.
  2. Free of Cost App and is very easy to use.
  3. Provides all the relevant information of doctors like address and contact number.
  4. Filter option to make search easier.
  5. Mapping of the results onto the map making it clearer.
  6. Live Tile display in the Start screen.
  7. Sharing information with friends using Share Charm.


It is an important app from the point of view of health and fitness purposes for everyone. Its functionality is evident from the fact that it takes you to the correct results when you are facing an emergency at any time. Further, you can contribute to this app by providing information about other doctors which can be very constructive for society.

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