New Fresh Paint for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone is Coming in October

Microsoft will launch Fresh Paint for Windows 8.1 on October 18 and add new features for Windows Phone App on October 14. Fresh Paint will be totally free and the people who get the update Windows 8.1 will automatically be with it. It is well known that the preview version of fresh paint had come for Windows 8.1 and app for Windows Phone a few months ago. In the coming Fresh Paint all the features which was available with the preview version will be included. Fresh Paint will have clean and advance user interface, watercolor, and a  graphite pencil set.  High quality canvas print will be added to the fresh paint. Besides this new methods to work with images will be suggested in this. For Windows Phone the Fresh Paint will have large refresh.

After getting a large number of feedbacks and according to the demand of people CanvasPop is added to this Fresh Paint. CanvasPop will help people in making high-quality canvas print. Even Skilled workers will be capable to prepare archival grade to hand stretching canvas. Because of advancement in technology art is living in digital age, so the CanvasPop new painting API is integrated first time with Fresh Paint app. Using the Canvas pop you can make digital paintings to hang it in your living room or present a gift. You can take an amazing print out of painting. Using Fresh Paint you can make large to larger prints even with small devices.

fresh paint for windows 8.1 image

Fresh Paint for Windows 8.1 Features:

1. In Gallary homepage Inspire me option is present. When you tap on this you will get inspirational photos that encourage you to create beautiful paints and images. The image search is powered with bing and search to be safe is added so you can search the photos with your family.

2. In this Fresh Paint image filters are enhanced. A filter is added which will convert your image into watercolor wash. When you add water to the image the paint will be alive.

3. Microsoft has made many little changes to improve the Fresh Paint. It has enhanced the pen and stylus input.

4. You can import images from Skydrive.

5. For Windows Phone many significant changes have been made using which you will be amazed.

In this manner, Fresh paint is knocking the door of Windows Store and it will be a member on 18 October.

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