Now Opera Browser is Equipped with New Features

We all know that Opera is one of the best browsers for surfing internet and download music songs, videos, images and many other things from different websites. Now, Opera has announced the production of Opera 16.3 Final. This new version has made sure of adding superb features as well as some of the browser improvements. The company has also ensured that whatever the new is going to be released has some of the major improvements.

It is a new build version which assists for the w3c geolocation. API should also help here to provide some of the fascinating web apps like for example auto filler tool. It is used for hopping lists about windows with some nice assistance as well as presentation methods for Mac PC. Opera 16.3 Final is now available everywhere. It can be easily found and downloaded for free. It has been released for both windows as well as Mac.

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The new version uses Cr 30 engine, improved a lot of features and repaired a large number of previously present bugs. There were many experimental changes done too. You can search for them from the search option present at the left part of the app in the experiment section. If you are not satisfied with the fresh discover attribute downloading which you could see written in the background, you could simply switch off this feature. You could do it easily by Clicking on options–>Scroll right down–>Start Page section–>Clear Preload Find out contents.

Opinion: The new experimental changes created by Opera 07 might change, break or disappear at any time. All these experiments are good and have been tried, but there is no guarantee that it will run like the others in your laptop too. It might loosen all the data stored in your web browser. Again, if you enable any of the experiment it would be enabled for all the users present on your laptop or PC. There is one serious issue, and that is it doesn’t care about your security as well as privacy. It might un-reveal them easily. So all I could say is to if you are going to upgrade your previous version or use it in new forms, please proceed only after you have analyzed the above written all things otherwise just leave it and move on.

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