Yahoo! Sports for Windows 8 / 10 to Follow NBA, NFL and NCAA Football

Yahoo! Sports comes under the sports app category designed for Windows 8 users particularly to follow famous NBA, NFL, and NCAA Football unlike many other apps that focus less on this section. The app has been made keeping in mind the popular sports that are followed by people in the USA. This app being the official client of Yahoo gets all its feed on sports from all around the world. It is a free app for Windows 8 and can be used to follow a particular team, reading the detailed analysis on game to game basis and many more.

The interface is very user-friendly and displays in the black background giving it a nice look. Also pretty much everything under each section is instantaneous so there are no issues with working with this app.

How to use Yahoo! Sports for Windows 8 app

First thing first, you have to get it installed on your Windows device from the store. Upon launching the app icon you will be presented with the home screen (a screenshot of which is shown below).

Yahoo! Sports app for Windows 8

You can see above that the updates for different sports are provided on the home screen. You just have to click on it to read them. The news feed is in article format so it does not get boring while reading. The articles can be viewed in two distinct modes regular and full screen. Also, the feed gets updating from its online resources every time. There is more to it than just reading the news. You can look up the schedule for the upcoming matches and can see the detailed report on the particular matches happened recently. You can also read blogs about different sports section that are supplemented with this app. Watching players profile and following a team are some of the things that you can do with this app to keep yourself updated.

An interesting feature of this app is that you can watch scores of previous matches. You can use them to see how well your team is performing in the recent past. All the statistical data are provided in an easy format and you can analyze by reading reviews on the game. Now if you are a die-hard fan of a particular team you can use filter option to set the feeds in order to show only those related to the team that you have added in your favorite list. This is another interesting feature to follow up.

Key Features of Yahoo! Sports for Windows 8 App

  1. Live coverage of NBA, NCA, and NCAAF football.
  2. Free of cost application and very easy to use.
  3. Scores and schedules maintained properly.
  4. Latest feed and blogs for different sports.
  5. Sharing feature via Windows Charm.
  6. Favorite team option.

Conclusion: Being a free sports app it is a very good app for those who follow these particular sports, but the downside is that it should have more games included in it to make it a fully functional sports app. Otherwise,it has a very good interface and works very well on Windows 8.

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