Download PhotoCrypt: A Tool to Encrypt your Images Easily

Photos are something that narrates real-time stories of one’s life. Indeed, spectacular photos are prized private possession and no one wants to share these images under any circumstances. Sometimes invaders sneak to your images folders then share it on various forums. Certainly, such sneakers tact leave you in midway to react either way. To evade an incident like that, I find Encryption of images is the right action to avoid unauthorized access.

However, there are numerous applications appear with claim of encrypting photos quite effectively. But, I think ‘PhotoCrypt’ is the best of them. PhotoCrypt is such tool that helps you to maintain the privacy of your personal photos. The particular tool supports almost every photo file format such as PNG, BMP, JPEG. Image less than 12 MB size and can be encrypted easily with this tool. Particular tool has both encryption and decryption.

To encrypt any image file you need to browse such file in nice user interface of PhotoCrypt. Then after choose an encryption password. Once you complete these acts, you will notice a slight change has been made in the image file. You find ‘.bin’ extension has been put behind original image name.

When it is needed to remove the encryption that applied earlier, you need to browse all such encrypted images then after putting password applied click OK to remove the encryption. Remember, all encrypted and decrypted files will be saved in the same directory, where original images are kept.

Undoubtedly PhotoCrypt is more powerful tool to a certain extent. You can encrypt 12 MB size image with less effort. Once you want to install free to use ‘PhotoCrypt’ tool, just use below link.

Download PhotoCrypt

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